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Texas Rising 2015 full movie online free

A depiction of the rise of Texas from the Battle of the Alamo to San Jacinto. A story told through the lives of the men who gave everything up to defend an infant country from a ruthless Dictator and savage Native Americans, and paved the way for the Republic of Texas to emerge.


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Release: May 25, 2015

IMDb: 4.0

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Texas Rising full movie review - Why oh why do things like this happen??

It is official. The entertainment industry is out of ideas.

OK. Let's talk about what this is not, or should not be.

This is television. So straight away we need to suspend reality and look towards what we can grab on to. That would be entertainment.

Let's look at good character development as entertainment?.

OK, after searching for a few minutes, I had to discard the notion of good character development. There was none. It was exclusively cliché's. I could elaborate but one would need some meat to elaborate on.

Why was there vacuous character development? Well, one needs to look to a crackling script. Which contains a story,, and language. A compelling reference to historical events. I personally prefer winners. The premise was based on The Alamo. A loss. Granted the history eventually leads to a win?. but Texas is well known for erecting statues and monuments to losing efforts. Now that I got that out? sure, a reference to this historical event situates us into a frame of mind. Let's proceed.

If we're to look at historical events, why in the bloody hell are we constantly drawn into these inane side frames. Watching the character Emily West creeping behind horses while listening to Santa Ana plan strategy. Did they run out of sets? There has been extraordinary mention about how none of this resembles the terrain of the historical geography? but people people people, we are after all expected to suspend reality. On the Texas landscape, suspension granted for the moment. But watching the Emily character lurk in the background of a stable listening to war planning?. a bathtub scene, the two moron young characters. All depicted to draw us into an emotional response. I have a new flash to the producers, developers, and writers?. Epic Fail. You are writing, directing, producing, in clichés. I sh'ant explain. If you do not understand, you will not understand.

I move on. It does not deserve comment as it is too absurd.

Moving on, since historical reference has failed us, and that the character development is an oxymoron of the phrase, let's look at?. dialogue. What would compel is would be, crackling dialogue. Let me reference other reviews that have pointed to colloquialisms that are again, absurd. I could go back and draw on quote precisely. Buy why? The dialogue is underwhelming, at best. It does not crackle. It moves along like a series of clichés strung together by writers who grew up on too much TV. It blatantly encourages the commercial actors to resort to modern cliché'd responses.

And keep in mind, this has an overwhelming color of we are not into about our 3rd generation of TV babies. Who are drawing upon their language and clichés based on, TV. This stinks of TV generation DNA. Long way of saying.. the crackling dialogue does not crackle. It stinks.

Case in point. Brendan Frazier as a native American. Says his son only has 2 scalps in a scene where Sam Houston is spared. This could not be more snarky, junk writing if one tried. Well, they did try. Kinda. It is just junk writing. We know the writers all think they are clever. They are not. The writers have been given permission by being paid to write pure drivel. This is not clever writing. It is junk.

Moving on? direction. This has more to do with being a traffic cop organizing story boards and locations than direction. Shame on the direction. It is not direction. It is nothing more than making sure the 'talent' had motels rooms and there were enough horses to go around for a scene.

Moving on?. the cinematography. Look folks. The whole thing is a piece of dismal bull dung poopy. So what are we left with? The visual. So fer crissakes?.

,=?..they blew that. Forget authenticating historical accuracy. This is TV and we are commanded to suspend reality. That is a given.

But fer crissakes, of all things I knew this production team, this writing team, the history channel execs, the commercial actors who probably tried to make sense of a tired script before the first second of filming began? of all the things they could have done, getting the visual to be appealing might have been possible.


They blew that too. And in a masterfully mediocre way. That washed out, paladium-y, harsh-y sun baked appearance of south Texas?.

Let me be ultra clear on this one: rhey consistently and completely blew out the skies.

Fer crissakes, if nothing else, they could have at the least hired someone to understand how to blend foreground with sky. I mean, at least attempted some of ideas similar to the great cinematographers like Gregg Toland or Bert Glennon who understood light. Skies. Scenery. Washing out the appearance at the expense of losing the skies is Unforgivable. How in the bloody hell can you lose the great expanse of western skies? They managed to completely underwhelm an already underwhelming thing. I cannot call it a film because that would be degrading to the term, film. For cripes sakes, how in the heck you can blow managing the appearance of the grand Texas skies, even if it was not a real Texas sky? how you can manage to diminish the visual appearance in this day and age of digital technology? shame on you people. Shame on you. That is Unforgivable.

Look folks. This effort is a dawg. It is slightly entertaining in its effort to provoke googling historical records. But there is nothing, not a doggone thing that makes this redeemable.

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