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The 33 2015 full movie online free

Based on a true story about the collapse at the mine in San Jose, Chile that left 33 miners isolated underground for 69 days.


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Release: Nov 09, 2015

IMDb: 5.4

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The 33 full movie review - Nice drama, especially in contrast with Everest

Chilean Atacama desert San Jose company miners have a party at Mario's place, and an outcast Dario sleeps homeless on the street.

The next day, Auguts 5, 210, they enter the mine to work, despite Luis' objection to the manager that the mine grows unstable. After an hour driving down they reach the quarry and start working. Luis finds a mawing gap of shifting rocks in the mountain. Mario teaches the new Bolivian about the mine. Parts of the mine start collapsing so the miners flee to the car. They head up but Luis knows they won't make it in time and instead tells them to head down to the refuge. They find the road out cave in as they go down. At the refuge they find all 33 men inside at that time are accounted for. They find a very big rock blocks their way up. Mario insists to Luis in finding a way out via the chimney. Meanwhile up stairs the news break out to the miners' families and they start coming to the mine site. Guards threaten them to go home but Dario's sister Maria lifts their spirit to stay.

The Chilean mining minister Laurence Colborne gets the president's approval to go to the mine. Mario and Alex finds the chimney offers no way out. He reaches the site and angry families demand answers from him. In the mine Dario fights Yonni to get food. Mario breaks the fight, locking the food chest to ration it daily. The president sends engineer Andre Sougarret to help Laurence. Mario rations food very sparsely, and with Alex revive the lights. Laurence build facilities for the families at the mine site. Alex manages to craft a simple water filtration, ensuring the men some drinking water supply. Sougarret's drill reaches the refuge's depth but it deviates and misses the location. Alex gets frustrated by this and goes to the abyss edge. Mario follows him and talks him out of suicidal thoughts. The miners soon share their last meal and each have fantasies of having a feast with their loved ones. Sougarret calls the drill off due to finding no result. But before he leaves Laurence gives him a solution to the drill's deviation. On day 18 the drill punches a hole to the refuge and the miners gives signs of life, to the relieve of the rescuers. Soon the rescuers communicate with the miners and the news go all over the world.

Three bigger drills are used to reach the miners with the original smaller hole used to transport supplies to the miners including video conference equipment. Mario's wife tells him that he got offered a book deal but he tells her to keep it secret. On day 50 the Plan A drill breaks due to hitting steel. Word of the book deal reach the other miners, making them exile Mario. Dario comes to Mario for advice about his relationship with Maria. The Bolivian and another miner fight over an Ipod. Mario breaks the fight and explains that he rejected the book deal. The broken drill bit is retrieved and the drilling restarts. But soon Luis finds that the drill nears the iron support beams. The miners propose a controlled explosion to make way. Laurence and Sougarret finds time is of the essence due to the explosion has shifted the big rock. The rescuers send a capsule to retrieve the miners one by one. Alex goes first and Mario follows after. The rescue goes smoothly and Luis is the last out.

Based on a true story, this movie makes for a complete year for disaster movies. We got action packed fictional San Andreas, and then the based on true story Everest and then now The 33. This movie particularly gives the nice relieving contrast to Everest. Everest pits humans with nature high above normal breathing altitude, The 33 pits humans with nature deep down underground. Further to the contrast is that while in Everest the main characters die dramatically but in The 33 it ends with all of the trapped men rescued.

The dramatization thus gets less room with the actual ordeal underground. But the movie nicely compensates this with the balancing exposures of the families above ground who are anxious in waiting their 33 loved ones. The depicted additional pressures by the president and how the incident grabs the world's attention add nicely to the movie as a whole, justifying its two hour duration.

The movie's production designer did a great job in getting the appropriate looking locations for both the underground mine and the surface level camp. Those sites look real and representative enough to depict the mines both interior and exterior. The props used in this movie is also convincing enough, although still I should say that the movie lacks a little bit since it doesn't feature any above standard work in cinematography.

The acting work in overall feels decently good. Antonio Banderas nicely used the same level of energy in his character here as he did on his Zorro roles. Lou Diamond Phillips did just enough to give his character life, particularly in portraying Luis' guilt over the mine's inadequacies. On the surface level Rodrigo Santoro did also well to keep the emotional side of the movie going, balancing the miners' underground scenes. Juliette Binoche almost always succeeds in grabbing attention and giving life to her role and its story plot. I think she really made maria a unique character considering the character's struggles and her relationship with Dario.

7 out of 10 score is my view that The 33 (2015) deserves. A recommendation is a yes from me for you to see it in the cinemas. It nicely meets the standards of dramatic disaster movies. But it goes even more as it can be contrasted very well with the earlier movie Everest.

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