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The Abolitionists 2016 full movie online free

Former Special Agent Tim Ballard has spent over a decade rescuing children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas before he leaves, founds his own organization and begins saving the large majority of children that fell out of the purview of the US. This is the story about the lost children and the attempt to investigate and liberate them from around the world.


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Release: May 16, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Abolitionists full movie review - Powerful, emotional, and life changing

This movie portrays in a powerful way the tragic plight of children who are being sex trafficked. Tim Ballard and his organization Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.

R) are liberating hundreds of children. The movie will move you and cause you to take action.It is done tastefully yet with power and conviction. Your children should see this movie to become aware of this critical issue.

If you think you would have opposed slavery in the United States in the 19th century then oppose child sex slavery today. When Abraham Lincoln met Harriet B. Stowe he said, "So you're the little lady that started this war." The Abolitionist is the modern equivalent of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Watch the movie and be changed forever!

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