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The Asylum 2016 full movie online free

In an abandoned asylum, a series of secret experiments on the nature of brainwashing is being conducted - a project code-named 'Limes' (a term describing a borderline between the civilized and barbaric world).


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Release: Jul 04, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Asylum full movie review - No way is this worthy of 7.1

I started playing it on iflix, been 15 minutes and the acting is SO bad i'm sure the rest will suck so i'm not gonna waste any more of my time.

It's not that the actors are not known, or that their acting is really bad, i've given some of those movies a chance, i.e. Cube, and that was not bad. but this one is an exception, I can see when a movie sucks from mile a way. and fifteen minutes into this, i just know it. the fact that there was only one other user who reviewed this movie and gave it a 7.1 makes me suspect that it was not an authentic review.

the movie is categorized as horror... it didn't scare me, the opening scenes show some action and blood but as the movie progresses it just gets more and more boring and annoying that I had to come back to IMDb and write my 10 lines of text just so I could give it this rating.

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