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The Blood Harvest 2016 full movie online free

An ex-cop tracks a serial killer he thinks might be a vampire.


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Release: Jan 25, 2016

IMDb: 0.5

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The Blood Harvest full movie review - Bloody goings on in Northern Ireland in this Indie gore fest

Detective Chaplin is working homicide in Belfast when a spate of gruesome killings start to be uncovered.

The cops are baffled but Detective Chaplin (Robert Render) has a theory ? and it is that they are dealing with some supernatural force ? maybe vampires. Needless to say his boss's think he is talking a crock of do dos and he gets fired.

The plot moves on and the corpses are still piling up ? but Chaplin is still in contact wit his old partner and they are secretly working on the case. Will they find the killer, is there more than one killer and are we really dealing with the super natural? Only one way to find out and that is to go after the bad guys or guy or blood suckers etc.

Now this has been made on a budget that would buy a second hand mini ? with high mileage- so I always allow a bit for that. The acting is all pretty good to be honest. The camera work was a bit too close up in a number of scenes, but the gore and special effects are all pretty well done. The script was for me where it sort of unravels a bit with a twist that many will find as convincing as 'the dog's best friend ate my homework'. That though is an artistic choice and to be fair I did not see it coming. So a pretty good effort all round ? clearly made for the love of it ? hence my rating.

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