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Lily is a young woman stuck in a violent relationship with James whom she no longer loves. After several years of physical abuse, Lily has now become a silent and obedient victim who’s everyday task is to please James and submit to his demands and authority in order to save herself. Lily’s true love is Zac, a past boyfriend who has started to spend a lot of time around the couple and begins to question Lily’s injuries before discovering the truth.


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Release: Feb 11, 2015

IMDb: 5.3

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The Boyfriend full movie review - A strong first effort

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at an exclusive screening in Stratford London and I must say that I was surprised.

the team at productive film are clearly passionate about what they do and all be it this film had no budget I can see that they really put their heart and soul into making a decent film. The script was great and it was refreshing to see a group of young filmmakers tackle such a common problem that affects this country and the wide world and often remains a myth.

The performances throughout the film were strong especially Jay Cosme who played the violent perpetrator and is also the writer of the film - The way he portrayed the character as evil yet in one short scene he had the audience almost feeling sorry for him- was brilliant and I see a bright future in acting for him along with the female victim Mirabel Stuart, although her cockney accent was shaky in some parts she genuinely had me close to tears with her realistic performance of a frightened abused victim, I will never ever look at a dog bowl in the same way again.

The productive film owners Charly Mae Nelson and Jay Cosme have clearly struck gold with their working partnership and I find it a shame that these young filmmakers were not afforded the opportunity to get this film out their to a wider audience, young talent is to be encouraged not hidden in the shadow of the sh*t that Hollywood puts out.

Now for the two problems I had with the film...

1. Music- a little bit too much instrumental over scenes which I felt could have been avoided and maybe took away from scenes slightly.

2. The Script- The script and dialogue was strong except I do feel that the film could have focused more on the actual Domestic Abuse rather then the love story between characters Zac and Lily which I saw to be slightly cheesy if not a little unrealistic.

3. Quality- The filmed looked slightly student in some parts but very professional in others? I assume this is a consequence of no budget.

But apart from these two small snags I would definitely recommend seeing the Boyfriend on DVD (if it ever gets released?). If you can look past the amateur side of the film and appreciate the hard work and effort with no budget then you will enjoy this film immensely, I hope people will appreciate the talent of these young people which can only grow with time. I look forward to the sequel

A well deserved 7/10 from me.

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