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The Bridge Part 2 2016 full movie online free

The second-half of the movie picks up in the present day, seven years later, with Ryan returning home from being on the road touring as a professional singer and Molly working at her father's corporation.


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Release: Mar 20, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Bridge Part 2 full movie review - The Bridge 2 rates 10 stars

The stars of The Bridge are awesome. I would love to see Wyatt Nash in the show "Nashville". He would be wonderful on that show since he lives in Nashville and can sing and play the guitar!

Wyatt Nash looks like he could be related to Reese Witherspoon and he is very handsome and a good actor. Please forward my comments to the Nashville producers and to the Hallmark Channel. Katie Findlay is a very pretty young lady and a very good actress. I have not seen her in many productions but she has a beautiful smile and eyes. I have seen Faith Ford in many Hallmark Channel movies and she is an excellent actress and pretty lady. The author of the book "The Bridge" has done a great job of proving that "reading books" and buying them from a friendly neighborhood bookstore is healthier for people than reading books online. This author has done a great job showing the public that lives are enriched by buying books from a bookstore like the Bridge.

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