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The C-Word 2015 full movie online free

The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch's inspiring and candid book, based on her blog, about her battle with cancer.


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Release: May 03, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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The C-Word full movie review - The C Word

I saw the advert for this one off drama/TV movie, I was initially attracted to watching it because of the fantastic leading actress, but then of course knowing it was real life being recreated made it even more interesting.

Basically twenty eight year old Lisa Lynch (Sheridan Smith) works as a magazine editor and has been married to husband Pete (Paul Nicholls) for eighteen months, they are planning a trip to the States, but then she finds a lump on her breast. Lisa visits a doctor, who advises she see a specialist, her friends do not think it will be anything serious, but she is devastated to be told that she has breast cancer, with a large tumour growing, but they are prepared to operate if Lisa is willing to lose the breast and undergo chemotherapy. To help herself cope Lisa starts an online journal, referring to her illness as "The Bullsh*t", calling it "Alright Tit, her friends having read it her friends encourage her to turn it into a public blog, to inspire and help others in the same predicament, and she goes ahead writing about the cancer wittily and with no self-pity. The mastectomy operation goes ahead and is successful, so Lisa starts chemotherapy and chemotherapy, meaning the loss of her hair, and she her removed breast replaced and a new nipple tattooed, this goes on for a while until the doctors believe the cancer has subsided, they allow her to take a break from therapy to go on holiday, and she publishes her experiences in her book, "The C Word". However in 2011 secondary cancer returns, it has spread to the bones and brain and is terminal and incurable, Lisa is given a certain amount of time predicted to live, she spent most of the rest of the time she had left in Trinity Hospice, London, supported by her husband. Lisa Lynch passed away on 11 March 2013, aged 33, her blog and social media accounts continue to be updated by members of her family. Also starring Stephanie Vogt as Sara, Tom Hutch as Jack, Marcus Griffiths as Pete's Colleague, Rebekah Staton as Gabby, Susannah Fielding as Abigail, Jamie Baughan as Sam, Silas Carson as Consultant, Michael Maloney as Ian McFarlane, Haydn Gwynne as Jane McFarlane, Nate Fallows as Jamie McFarlane, Chrissie Cotterill as Nurse, Peter Landi as Anaesthetist and Orla Fitzgerald as Mary - Chemo Nurse. Smith, who was friends with the real life Lisa Lynch gives a fantastic as the lively young woman given life changing bad news, but rather than wallow or go downhill she inspired, and gave hope and comfort to many other cancer patients, Stephen Fry praised her blog as being "funny and brilliant", it is a well thought out, well scripted and well executed look into how such a terrible illness can affect the barer and all around them, but how to cope with it, a must see drama. Very good!

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