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An American scientist who was convicted of killing and cannibalizing two colleagues in the jungles of Flores, Indonesia in 1977. Branded "The American Cannibal" by the press during his trial, Dr. Timothy Darrow defended himself by claiming a mythic human-ape creature was responsible for the murders. The news outlet documented an indigenous tribe on Flores, the very same island where the hobbit remains were discovered, which had its own accounts of little wild men that stood just over three feet tall, climbed trees, walked on two feet and thrived on cannibalism. And according to the local legend, those creatures may never have died out at all. Follow an expedition team deep into the heart of Flores Island to investigate Dr. Timothy Darrow's claims and find out once and for all if hobbits still exist in the deepest, most remote realms of the Indonesian jungle.


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Release: Apr 27, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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The Cannibal In The Jungle full movie review - fake documentaries

First I want to say "Cannibal in the Jungle" makes a great movie. But why the confusion? When you watch it, they make it look like a documentary, however, I saw so many red flags in the acting and what they say went on.

Who on this planet would have a film in there possession for over 30 years that belonged to her brother that was accused of such a crime and not WATCH it? Come on! He was portrayed as a GOOD guy so come on! Get real! Then at the end you get to read that he died in that prison before anyone would do a damn thing. The whole story made me mad. Yes, makes a good movie but they do purposely make it LOOK real. Why? I love to watch documentaries, always have. Now they are mixing truth with fiction like "Mermaids body of evidence". Animal Planet used to be a great place to watch and LEARN about things, now, you just can't believe anything they put on that channel. O.K. I can't say that. Jeremy Wade is down to earth and shows you the river monsters he catches. I like him! Animal Planet better be thanking their lucky stars they found him! When you watch "River Monsters" you know your not getting lied to. Jeremy looks for the truth! And I respect that. Anyway, just stop trying to fool people, it's not right!

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