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The Carrier 2015 full movie online free

England has been overrun by a pandemic with no apparent cure. As the infection continues to spread, safety - for a lucky few - looms in the form of a damaged 747 set to seek solace abroad. It's only once the plane is airborne that the survivors discover the infection made it onto the flight with them.


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Release: Jul 15, 2015

IMDb: 2.0

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The Carrier full movie review - Total waste of time.

This movie starts out with this so called horrible virus pandemic spreading all over Europe but England is the only quarantined. And the virus is so horribly deadly that people with the virus are shot on sight.

Yet who ever wrote this mess of a movies knows nothing of viral containment. The army searching people for infection before getting on board a plane only had their uniforms, gloves and a gas mask. For a touch based virus, that was stupid. There was several ways they could have been touched and infected. The character were all horrible people. The pace went to dead slow to complete stop. And let's talk about the horrible virus that makes them get the infected shot on sight of the slightest infection. The cover implies some kind of zombie virus, which is a lie. All the virus does is call massive amounts of swelling of the face. That's it. I'm not kidding, that's it. They're not undead, they're not going insane or cannibalistic, just face swelling. That's it, the world's afraid of super mumps. The only monster here is that the uninfected are killing sick people for looking slightly unpleasant. There was no indication that virus even kills on it's own. The effects are horrible, the make up effects would get someone kicked off of "Face-Off". The CG was all kinds of amateur. They used the same cockpit for a jet as well as a so called prop job. Those two types of planes would have totally different looking windows and controls. Not to mention, they added props to a private jet in one bad CG scene. This is all kinds of wrong and the UK should be embarrassed to have made this dog-pile in an age when adverts have quality CG.

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