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The Cokeville Miracle 2015 full movie online free

On May 9, 1986, a small ranching community in Wyoming experiences a divine intervention when a couple detonates a bomb inside a crowded classroom.


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Release: Jun 05, 2015

IMDb: 4.4

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The Cokeville Miracle full movie review - A Fantastic Movie That Will Strengthen the Faith of Any Believer

Loved this movie. Granted, it does have the feel of a low budget film and some of the acting is certainly suspect in some parts but this movie delivers on the overall goal of focusing on the details and spiritual impact of this true life event.

It's important to acknowledge that those who lived through the event have credited the movie with being remarkably accurate. I was glad to see that there wasn't a heavy focus on the fear factor that seems more prevalent when reading the real life accounts of what happened or watching the grown up testimonies on youtube. I didn't really like the idea of watching a movie that focused on how afraid a bunch of elementary children were through this ordeal and thankfully, I didn't.

This story is simply the truth and my hat's off to those who worked hard putting it to film.

I see a lot of negative reviews and number of stars given that reveal more about a lack of faith than anything presented on the big screen (from reading the associated comments). I understand that it's hard for people to understand why God would intercede here and "seemingly" be absent from events such as the Holocaust and Sandy Hook. Filmmaker T.C. Christensen acknowledges in the credits that not all tragedies are resolved miraculously and that "we don't know why." Like everyone else, I don't have all the answers but I would offer that God ultimately redeems all pain for good. He knows the ending of this story and He knows we will all one day understand the process was worth the end result. I suspect the God that created the universe is vastly different from the back pocket God that many believe they should be able to call on and use "in case of emergency". He mourns the loss of every child but He knows the outcome is yet favorable. Jesus wept with those crying for Lazarus even though He was to bring him back to life just moments later. God pauses to feel the pain with us. Pain is a part of the process of truly understanding love. Let's face it.. The "final act" is going to be a bit grim for each and every one of us walking the journey here. How else could we truly understand how great is love if we didn't first feel the pain over losing it? I love the idea of an everlasting home without pain but I doubt I would truly appreciate the value of this had I not shared in the experience of my life here on earth. My wife and my children have taught me how truly beautiful love is and I continue to learn.

For those interested in finding out more about the real life events of the movie and how it impacted the students of that day, I'd urge you to check out 'Witness to Miracles' on Amazon or, where many of the students have posted the details of their experience. When you really take the time to study what happened here and do so with an open mind, you realize that this was indeed a story of miraculous intervention. It's a testimony to the power of intercessory prayer. The testimonies from then and now aren't from spotlight craving lunatics. They're the real life experiences of genuine and authentic people - some of whom didn't publicly share their stories for over two decades for fear of being ridiculed, people who still wish to remain private in their lives today and not be defined by this event.

I'll close my review with a quote from the above mentioned website. It reinforces my own thoughts.. that I doubt any skeptic will be "converted" by watching this movie but this movie wasn't made for that reason. It's simply a beautiful testimony to the power of God and it delivers on that. Yes, I believe. I suspect we all will one day. To the Cokeville kids, you have inspired!

"Skepticism is a healthy doubt when faced with a lack of credible evidence. Denial is willful doubt in the face of overwhelming credible evidence". I agree. But I still think non-believers are going to "non-believe" despite the overwhelming evidence laid out in this story. Denial is what it is. Devout skeptics find exactly what they were looking for, which was nothing in the first place? sadly, just like David Young in his philosophy that God is nothing. For years I have wanted this story to help defeat and convert the skeptics, the atheist, etc. and "make them believe in God." But I am comforted to remember that signs are given to help strengthen the believers, not to convince the unbeliever. Still, I will continue to tell the facts as they are, and see what comes of it. It's impossible to accurately judge, or know, who the facts may affect."

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