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The Convenient Groom 2016 full movie online free

Dr. Kate Lawrence, a celebrity relationship expert, plans to publicly announce her engagement to Bryan, a handsome and perfectly polished businessman. As Kate prepares to share the news, Bryan shocks her by breaking up with her and calling off the wedding. Wanting to save her from humiliation and protect her public image, Lucas Wright, Kate's childhood friend steps in and pretends to be Kate's fiancé.


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Release: Jun 18, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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The Convenient Groom full movie review - Truly a waste of time. (This contains spoilers).

This movie was truly insipid and a waste of time. I would not have lasted through it, if I had not taped this and was too tired to find the remote to change the station.

It's definitely not worth anyone's time - there are much better movies out there to watch. There's little redeeming to say about it. Usually I can find a lot of good about unpopular movies, but not in this case.

Even the description, "A young celebrity marriage counselor discovers herself left at the altar of her own highly-publicized wedding...." isn't accurate. She's not left at the altar - far from it - she finds out even before the wedding announcement is made publicly that her boyfriend isn't interested in marrying her.

Vanessa Marcil is 48 years old, and while age is not necessarily a reflection on anything, trying to have a mature woman (who looks her age) act almost like a teen, doesn't play well. Dressing her like someone in her late teens or early twenties is another big fail. The big bulky glasses aged her even more and were ridiculously distracting since they took up about a third of her face. Her performance (and her physical movements) seemed forced. Casting Vanessa in this role was a great mistake. This movie would have worked better with a different lead. Additionally, the character, as written. has no insight into her own reality for part of the time, again seeming forced. And I agree, as others pointed out, that Vanessa's fascination with her own hair is totally annoying. She's constantly touching her hair, or her face.

The lighting isn't flattering to anyone. Some of the outdoor shots used the sun against the actors, and didn't benefit them. Again, agreeing with others, the makeup was really bad, too. Too heavy makeup ages people. David Sutcliffe, at least, seemed more comfortable with his role, and comes off as a natural. There's no way to have any sympathy with the initial plight of the main character since she's not likable. If I was a guy, I would have dumped her, too.

Don't waste your time with this dud.

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