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The Crash 2017 full movie online free

In the not so distant future, a team of white collar criminals are enlisted by the Federal government to thwart a cyber-attack that threatens to bankrupt the United States of America.


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Release: Jan 13, 2017

IMDb: 6.5

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The Crash full movie review - So bad I didn't even watch til the end.

Even the lovely Dianna Agron wasn't enough to make me continue watching this utter load of rubbish to the end. Why was it so bad? Well there's one main reason and that's the continued use of shaky cameras.

I have no idea which photographer first thought they'd make their name from this style of photography, and not a clue which director first though it added to their film. However all it does to me apart from making me feel dizzy is think that they don't care if their movie is enjoyed, only that they do something they want to do with it for an undisclosed reason. Let me tell you, never in human history have we had shaky vision. Nor do we enjoy shaky vision. There is no artistic merit in this and it stops people enjoying a film. The plot itself is ridiculous. Now because it's a film and needs a bit of licence, I'd have forgiven it but due to the awful photography that made me grump so I looked at the plot with more dislike than I should. Anyone with half a brain knows the situation as was presented has not and will not ever happen that way so B movie shaking combined with TV B movie plot makes for a crap movie. I have not seen the other 2 films that Rappaport has directed so I don't know if this is his own style or if it's just this one film that is awful. I got to 17 minutes in and that's as much as I could possibly manage before I turned it off in disgust.

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