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The Cutting Room 2015 full movie online free

Students Raz, Charlie and Jess embark on their end of year Media Studies project unaware of the horrific and unspeakable fate that awaits them. What starts as a seemingly simple mystery soon turns into a claustrophobic and hellish nightmare.


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Release: Jun 01, 2015

IMDb: 4.7

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The Cutting Room full movie review - Garbage; succeeds in literally nothing!

It's an understanding that most horror films that pop up here, and there nowadays lacking in most needed elements, and that's completely understandable.

But when you offer the audience a film of which seems to be given little - to no emphasis what so ever, it becomes frustrating, and even aggravating. This film angers myself, and possibly others that have given this film a chance, as I did.

The acting in this film is an atrocity, something that's extremely hard to put up with. Each - to all actors in this film seem as if they were each collected from the streets, and offered a roll in this movie. It's as if nothing at all was given to execute this movie! As if they had minutes to read they're scripts, leading to trash acting! And to topple that to the ground, there would be no point to begin with, each character is sickly clichéd, and have nothing unique in they're executions at all! Overall, there was absolutely nothing given here! The acting was terrible, and so were the characters, making this entire film hard to stomach.

The idea, and or plot of this movie, as well was terrible. I personally didn't like the way the writers wanted this entire film to play out. From start, to finish this entire film seemed as if it was going absolutely nowhere, and proves itself from the middle, to last portions of this movie. Even when they "tried" to perhaps offer something in this film, they fell flat, and started more trash once again. In conclusion, the plot of this film, tying with the characters was utterly poor, and managed to lead nowhere.

Honestly, I credit most films of what they stand for, but I can't hold back. This movie offered little.. to nothing. I honestly wonder to myself on why I wasted my time, hoping the movie would perhaps turn into something greater - but no. The movie is simply pointless, and frustrating. Please, do not waste your time with this movie. Your better off giving other blind films chances, rather then this. I truly don't want to go any further, or in depth of the atrocious attempts of which this movie displayed, so I'll leave it to the small; tip of the iceberg information above of why this movie should NOT be seen, and or given any chances.

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