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The Dark Stranger 2016 full movie online free

Haunted by a terrifying spirit out of her graphic novel, a young artist struggles to overcome her psychosis before it destroys her.


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Release: Jul 15, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Dark Stranger full movie review - Another Gem From Canada

I'm following horror scene of Canada since the brilliant Ginger Snaps movies. They always come up with captivating concepts, stories, imagery and really good acting performances.

Female lead is something I love in horror movies. The Dark Stranger has a beautiful one... One thing I love Canadian horror movies is the faces are familiar - like people next door but somewhat cuter and more charismatic. Everything they do, say, expressed feels natural.

I totally LOVE the story. As an "artist" myself it resonated with me in many levels. Coming back and forth between fantasy world and the "real" world gave the movie a modern world fairy tale feel which is something I also love very much.

I have to admit I discovered Katie Findlay with this movie. She reminds Katharine Isabelle to me but not because they are similar in any way - they are not. But because Katie Findlay is bedazzling and bewitching like Katharine Isabelle in her own unique way.

Enrico Colantoni is one of my favorites since the sitcom Just Shoot Me. He performed his character far from being pretentious - very modest and understanding father figure and very real. Actually he acted exactly like a real father act in real world in situations like this.

Stephen McHattie is very charismatic guy and does the job well. Rest of the cast with Jennifer Dale, Mark O'Brien, Alex Ozerov, Emma Campbell played their parts extremely well to support the story of the leading character and created very much believable atmosphere around her. After sometime with that type of cast and acting, the story totally takes you in.

The only thing I personally didn't liked so much in this movie is overall look and cinematography. Shots are very well done compared to the budget but I'd expect a bit more dark, moody, gloomy atmosphere, colors and lights for a story like this. Other than this I enjoyed everything they done with this movie.

I'm glad I didn't passed this one and I actually rarely write that much detailed reviews but I really enjoyed this flick and I wanted to show my support and appreciation to obviously hard work they put in this movie.

Again the story was just wonderful. This even could be a wonderful bedtime story for me when I was a little kid...

I have to note that I have no relation with this production whatsoever and this is not a "paid review" - nor anything like that. I had to say this because I'm seeing from other movie reviewers that when they see a good critique on a less popular, budget movie they tend to think the good reviews are paid. Check my other reviews and general look of my account and you'll see I'm legit.


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