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The Dark Tapes 2016 full movie online free

Radical Found-Footage Horror Anthology of Five Original Intelligent Stories.


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Release: Apr 08, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Dark Tapes full movie review - A waste of time and/or money

When I read the synopsis and a few reviews, I thought to myself, "Well this could be alright."

How I was wrong. So VERY wrong. Predicted most of the character actions before they did them, kinda scaring myself how accurate my smart-ass predictions actually were played out almost to a tee.

I feel this movie wanted to be like the VHS series, albeit with a dash of paranormal activity mixed in. However, even though I found the VHS series to be kinda an above-average "meh, it's OK", I couldn't find any reason to enjoy this flick. Sure, maybe if your young or just haven't seen ANY "horror" movies, you'd find this movie to be OK.


-Acting was slightly below average, but not that bad like "The Room".

-Effects are pretty standard(and low): The overly-glitchy 'disturbances' when 'ghosts' are around. Sorry, digi-cams DO NOT glitch like that. A pixel is not 1/20th the screen. You can even see the "demon's" skin/costume moving when they are walking around, laughable.

When they use analogue video recorders, they have the good-'ol stock 'old film' analogue effects- ie small dark film spotting and high graininess. Also a wax recorder is used, but picks up audio PERFECTLY...

-Plot is EASILY predictable. Pretty basic as well. A twist is tried, but then never goes back to those involved in it. Also all the time dilation paired with alternate realities is just so.... wrong.


I've watched some really low-budget indie films, and while this one might not be the worst I've come across, it's still on my top 100 bad movies list. I don't know how any reviewer who's seen soo many movies can or could give this such a high rating, I really don't. Mind baffling.

I feel bad for whomever helped fund this movie(despite it's low amount), but most of all, I feel even worse for the "reviewers" who paid 10$ to 'rent' this movie. Or even 4$. I'm sure that my review, like the few others telling the truth of the quality of this movie, will be down-voted/liked/etc.

I regret watching this movie, waste of my time. I only give this an extra 2 stars because hey, they kinda tried.

Do yourself, and anyone who you were gonna watch this with, a favor- JUST DON'T.

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