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The Diabolical 2015 full movie online free

When a single mother and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange and intense presence in their quiet suburban home, she turns to her scientist boyfriend to take on the violent forces that paranormal experts are too frightened to face.


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Release: Mar 16, 2015

IMDb: 3.8

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The Diabolical full movie review - Holy crap.. seriously what the hell was that!??

Decided to watch a random film tonight just to pass the time, and I can seriously think of so many better things or films I could have watched, wooow that was terrible.

From the beginning the film has a week opening and an extremely convoluted, messy, and incoherent plot that actually makes no sense. The performances, dialogue and character interactions are awkward, I actually tried to just turn my brain off and enjoy this as a fun and cheesy thrill ride, and I felt that way at first...then the story began to unfold...OOOOH BOY!! I'm just going to have fun and dissect this movie now.. So entities show up and cause things to float around like ghosts or poltergeists, their are what 3 of them but turns out they are prisoner/test subjects from the future. Where do they get their "ghost powers" from? and why does the final villain during the climax not use this ever again, it feels as though that aspect was used to fool the audience into believing this was going to be a paranormal film, but then it is never justified or explained. The entire last act just made no sense, the premise was clever and had potential but it fell apart way too quickly and irreversibly, the editing was also messy, the transitions between scenes felt pointless at times, as if to simply set up for the next creepy moment of some loud sound or jump scare that never delivered.. and I mean never, not once did I even flinch or twitch. The characters do the most laughable things in this movie it had me scratching my head, for example the mother played by Ali larter rescues her kids in one scene from the villain, brings them in another room, then leaves them there to go somewhere...just somewhere. That scene alone was ridiculous because her actions were just to have the kids become vulnerable in the most unjustified, nonsensical way, and scenes like this one are littered throughout the movie its seriously unbelievable.

Characters separate for no reason, the other monsters don't really serve a purpose, and the other supporting actors other than the boyfriend really don't need to be there.

The movie was just a lousy effort, I give them respect for using practical effects at times, but then that is overshadowed with terrible CGI and the monsters that are created with practical effects again are under utilised and don't serve a purpose. The premise was interesting at best but even so, many other films have taken similar ideas with mixing horror and time travel and have done it much better. Even on a night where I just wanted to kick back and just have something to watch just to pass the night, I still cannot recommend this movie, it had a cool cover art...umm yea that's about it. Don't bother with this movie.

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