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The Dog Wedding 2015 full movie online free

A German businesswoman falls for an American pro wrestler she meets at the dog park, testing her lifelong obedience to her CEO/father.


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Release: Sep 21, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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The Dog Wedding full movie review - Wedding Barks and Bells: Something for Guys and Gals

Sitting in the front row for the New York City premiere of The Dog Wedding movie, nothing appeared out of the norm: These are my people, I mused.

These people know that dogs are family, they bring them to posh cinematic happenings, and once they've walked the red pink carpet with their coutured canines, they settle into theater seats. Displaying your affection (and addiction) to canines is the new norm, and thank DOG for that!

Jason Hurwitz gets it. Matthew Bloom knows it. And Rosalie Thomass has recently discovered it. The Dog Wedding movie is making its rounds on a city-by-city tour before its release to the general public on, yep, you guessed it: Valentine's Day 2016. This isn't your bark-out-loud rom-com for dog lovers that the movie's trailer and associated promotional posters want you to believe it is. Sure, there are dogs in it, as the vehicles that unite a love story of a female German pickle entrepreneur and a hulky muscleman who body slams and pile drives his way into her heart. A modern day romance with a few dogs as catalysts for Cupid's arrow.

The movie stars Matthew Bloom as wrestler Matthew "The Manimal" Pierce. The German businesswoman, Ulrika Schmidt, played by German actress Rosalie Thomass, is sent to the states by her domineering father to shut down a family-owned pickle factory.

In my interview with Hurwitz prior to seeing movie, my expectations were geared more for canine giggles and puns, but the flick is far more than that.

Surprising, whimsical, hallucinatory, belly laugh inducing, will they or won't they: Emotions and affectations viewers can expect to encounter during this 90+ minute thrill ride.

"It was quirky and different and I couldn't wait to see what would happen to the main characters," my spouse told me afterwards.

Exactly. So very much that. Exactly.

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