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The Dog Who Saved Summer 2015 full movie online free

When Zeus (Mario Lopez) accidentally destroys an important party, he gets sent to obedience school at the worst time! A trio of bumbling burglars is planning a heist. Can Zeus save the day?


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Release: Jun 02, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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The Dog Who Saved Summer full movie review - Why won't this series end!

This movie begins by confirming Kevin James big brother still can't find real acting work as he's back for another He also apparently suffered some powder burns as he's inexplicably burned in the opening scenes.

The mother apparently is a party planner. Zeus of course gets blamed for Carmen sandiego's yorkie destroying the party. So the family mom calls her mom who is leading scout retreat though deathly altergies to poison ivy. "Mom I told you to stay of the Twitter" She suggests obedience school. After a scene of being blamed for a yorkie trashing a party, we get to see the wet behind the ears bandits with their new teammate getting released from prison due to a lack of evidence, I would have thought it was more do to a lack of what were they even doing illegal (sneaking a camera into a doggy day care?). Dean Cain remains in jail though for some reason... I dunno

Next we move to Zeus going to Sgt Slaughter (played by what happens when you mix Ben Stiller and Will Ferrels DNA together) obedience school.

we then see dumb and dumber in drag in a jewelry store casing it.

We then return back again to the school Kevin James brother is stupid as usual, he eats a dog treat and gets sick. We then see Zeus interact with the dogs. he gets humiliated by rintintin k9copout while Mr. Miagi knock off looks on.

We then see the crooks back with dean Cain still in jail discussing breaking him out.

We then go back to the mother with the father the importance of this obedience school thing (she should have said it was because it was necessary to keep the story going.)

Anyway lets stop following every scene as its too painful.

The important to know

Kevin James brother is a fat lazy slob. Zeus is a mentally challenged Former Soprano's guy is flatulent and stupid The mother is an overbearing ice queen. The kids are noise though the little girl is the most mature character in the movie. The Dog Trainer is nuts Mr. Lee has been in a lot of movies that were much better then this. With whoever Fred is (his brother apparently), I don't know why Dean Cain is in this movie. Carmen Sanediego is supposed to be hated. Rin tin tin is a mob boss

Plot is Zeus is blamed for being bad, he goes through crap at obedience school while crossing paths with the stupidest criminals ever, and gets trained by discount Mr. miyaggi. The mother meanwhile plans a summer themed party for the dog trainer.

The Acting in this movie is criminal, especially the voice acting. Mario Lopez is the main character, you'd think after 5 of these prior he'd have some idea how to actually do voice acting or at least make us feel something other then nausea. Kevin Jame's brother seems to have taken and doubled the amount of obnoxious poor acting and hamminess he shows in this movie to make up for missing the last one.

Mario Lopez actually even makes a cameo as himself in the movie... how sad is that when you have to voice a character to hype yourself up (funny the last movie was easter themed and this is the one with an easter egg) Watching this movie is like experiencing a dream when you eat to much food before bed, its incoherent, something you wouldn't think would be capturable on film. Its beyond stupid when its all over you ask yourself "What just happened?" It features rocky rip off training montages, scene transitions that look out of power point. poison ivy jokes, uncomfortable animal scenes, a surprising lack of the encounters of Zeus with the criminals, a lot of diaper change jokes, something going on with the boy characters that is spoofing something out of spy movies. I do have to say it fascinates me how many songs they found that sound like as close as you can get to "eye of the tiger" or the "best around" without paying the royalties for those tracks.

I really hope this is it for this series. Kids really deserve better then this garbage.

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