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Pierre Hunter (Anton Yelchin), a bartender with unyielding optimism, returns to his tiny hometown after his parents' death. When he falls for the enigmatic Stella (Zooey Deschanel), Pierre is unknowingly pulled into a cat-and-mouse game that involves a duffel bag full of cash, a haphazard yet determined criminal (John Hawkes), and a mystery that will determine all of their fates. With Alia Shawkat, Frank Langella, Aubrey Plaza, and Ciarán Hinds. Zachary Sluser's film, based on the novel by Tom Drury, is a contemporary fable about the ways we struggle to control time and fate in a possibly predetermined universe.


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Release: Apr 18, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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The Driftless Area full movie review - Great cast, remarkable photography... but very confusing story

Very unusual movie. I went to see this at the 2015's Tribeca Film Festival, because I really enjoyed the book and wanted to see how the movie adaption went.

Even though it does follow the book, it has certain aspects that are different and parts of the movie become extremely confusing if you haven't been paying super close attention. It is beautifully shot, and the cast is especially remarkable. The main character, played by Yelchin, was in fact my least favorite one. His character is confusing, and you wonder what part is he actually playing within the plot. It's not a bad performance at all, but he does lack emotion in some of the scenes. Ms. Deschanel plays Stella, probably the most intriguing and haunting character in the story. She seems not to fit anywhere, and makes us wonder whether she's real or just an illusion. Her undeniable and almost ethereal beauty is especially highlighted in a scene where she is wearing a white dress - half the theatre gasped here, she was distressingly beautiful! And overall a great performance that shows her dramatic side is as good as her comedic, New Girl one. Probably my favorite performance in the film. Plaza has a short role in it, but she is really good. Very different from her Parks and Rec portrayal, but great nonetheless. I wish we'd gotten to see more of her, as I think she is in it for around two- three scenes. John Hawkes is wonderful as the "villain" of the story, and makes you hate him within ten minutes into the movie. I'd give it a 7/10- story is weak at some parts, but a great cast and beautiful photography makes up for those. I'm really hoping they release it soon so that I can give it another try. The ending was quick and open for interpretation- we are left wrecking our brains for the most likely outcome.

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