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The Emeryville Experiments 2016 full movie online free

When their car crashes, 4 college kids seek help in Emeryville - a dilapidated village. New comers discover that place was once a ground for clinical experiments gone awry and plot an escape. They find themselves hunted by crazies.


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Release: Aug 06, 2016

IMDb: 4.0

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The Emeryville Experiments full movie review - The proof of fake votes jacking up a score

My quick rating - 0,7/10. The idea was alright, at best. But this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. As a rule for IMDb I typically give no weight to a movies score until over 500 people have voted.

That tends to give all the cast and crew members time to get their 10/10 nonsense scores in. But this movie has taken abusing this system to a whole new level. Currently as of writing this, 2,319 votes and a 6.0/10. There is no possible way a movie with the worst acting documented, ever along with dialogue that was scripted by a complete moron just to insult the actors/actresses even further. No wonder the acting was so bad, they probably read the lines for a scene in disbelief. The camera work may have been done by a partially blind person since I tend to occasionally like to see the person speaking the lines as opposed to random shots of who knows what. The sound editing is just bizarre leading to normal ambient sounds being louder than a bass drum for no apparent reason and then a spot with some tension? Naw, don't amplify that whatsoever. All of this, and I haven't even started nitpicking this horrid display of film making (or boredom with a budget as I am calling this). I would suggest other movies that use a similar idea to the "forgotten village/town" type of flick, but I don't want to insult any other film by comparing this. If you make it to the end, don't expect a nice wrap up since even with the idea presented, they couldn't get an ending right as well. Enjoy the outtakes during the credits since you get to see the actors look just as stiff as they are in the movie, so maybe the crew somehow found the most personality lacking people in town and cast each and every one of them. This hour and 22 minutes is seriously lost and I feel I am now a lesser film critic (not paid, but still) just for it.

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