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A young waitress welcomes her husband home to the small South African town of Riviersonderend (Endless River) after his four-year jail sentence. At first it appears their plans for a new life together are finally being realized. But when the family of a foreigner living on a nearby farm is brutally murdered, the young woman and the grieving widower begin gravitating towards each other. Trapped in a cycle of violence and bloodshed, the two form an unlikely bond seeking to transcend their mutual anger, pain and loneliness.


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Release: Sep 03, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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The Endless River full movie review - Watchable, but a bit rough around the edges

I don't know if officials in the South African Department of Trade and Industry vetted the script of 'The Endless River' before agreeing to part-finance it; if they did, they

can't be terribly concerned about their country's reputation, as the film opens with a woman being gang-raped and (together with her two young sons) shot dead by masked intruders in her own home. And unless my eyes aren't as sharp as I thought, when police arrest some men for the crime, they've actually got it wrong - they've arrested black men, and the body parts revealed during the rape are white!

The woman is the wife of Gilles, a French ex-pat and recent arrival to small-town South Africa. Fortunately for this bereaved husband and father, he's got South Africa's most unbelievably irresponsible police detective on his side, for when the latter decides, on scant if any evidence, that a newly-released jailbird must be responsible for the crime, he provides Gilles with a photograph of the suspect. Soon enough, the suspect turns up dead. Gilles offers his condolences to the dead man's widow, Tiny, whom he knows from her job in a café he frequents. Soon the pair, united in grief, take off together on a road trip - but what will happen when Tiny discovers that Gilles knew her husband was a suspect in his family's murders?

As Gilles, Nicolas Duvauchelle sounds impossibly sexy when speaking English - as, of course, do all French people. But there are times - especially during particularly emotional scenes - when he is too obviously Acting with a capital A. But Crystal-Donna Roberts is very believable as Tiny, nicely portraying the creeping disappointment when her jailbird husband seems to be reverting to his old ways, the grief when he is killed, and the joy of potential new love with Gilles (and every man who watches the film will in turn fall in love with her).

Despite the obvious plot holes and some dangling plot threads, the film is interesting and it's one I'll probably watch again.

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