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The Ever After 2015 full movie online free

Ava and Thomas live--to outside eyes--the good life, complete with a child and a lovely home in Los Angeles, but something is lost. Ava has placed her acting career on hold to play the mother and good wife, while Thomas' job as a fashion photographer puts him in dangerously tempting situations. When trauma strikes, they must confront their innermost vulnerabilities to recover their disintegrating marriage.


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Release: Feb 13, 2015

IMDb: 6.0

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The Ever After full movie review - Really special

This was a great film. I'm single so I do enjoy seeing a couple having troubles. It makes me put things in perspective. Good solid acting from all of the cast in this film.

The main married couple who were having difficulties were just great. The wife played by an Australian actress really gave a great performance as a young girl who had mental issues and her strong spirit with which she tried to cope with her troubles . She was insecure and her husband was also insecure , at first glance you would wonder why they were together , two messed up people who were staying together perhaps out of a fear of leaving one another and breaking up their home life and their relationship with their child. The husband is a photographer surrounded by pretty girls whilst his wife stays at home exploring the voices in her head perhaps brought about from so much time alone and her troubles from her childhood. The film stands out as a quality work. I can't really fault it. It's had me thinking all day , you know a good film when you have flashbacks. The stand out performance in this film was the girl , I think she put 110% into her role. Definitely recommend this.

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