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The Evil in Us 2016 full movie online free

While on a fourth of July holiday, six best friends fall victim to the insidious plan of a terrorist organization when they unknowingly take a bio-active drug that transforms them into bloodthirsty cannibals.


Quality: CAM [HD on 29 Dec]

Release: Aug 29, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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The Evil in Us full movie review - Don't waste your time with this one

I created an IMDb account immediately after watching this movie, just so I could post this review.

This movie sucked. I knew it was going to suck after the first 10 seconds, but I watched it anyway. If you paid any amount of money to see this movie, I feel sorry for you. It's boring. The acting is bad, and the characters are even worse. Who wrote these characters? Am I supposed to like them? Sympathize with them? Root for their deaths because of how snobby/obnoxious they are? I felt none of these things. Instead, what I did feel was the urge to run far, far away from any movie that this director's name on it.

28 Days Later is a great movie with a great soundtrack. It's pretty obvious that The Evil In Us was partly inspired by that movie, but it falls so flat on its face that it's honestly just an embarrassment.

Everything looks and feels very cheap and hastily thrown together, from the cops' uniforms to the make-up effects. 90 minutes of pure drudgery. I thought maybe, MAYBE this movie would be a little self-aware because of the cliché setup, but I guess that's too much to ask for.

Probably the worst part happens at the very end, when the director feels the need to hamfist his irrelevant political views into the movie. "Le ebil Republicans were behind it all XDDDDDD world domination, those greedy pigs just want control!" There's no payoff, no message, no interesting camera angles, no effects, nothing. There's nothing. This movie is nothing.

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