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The Finest Hours 2016 full movie online free

The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952.


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Release: Jan 27, 2016

IMDb: 5.1

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The Finest Hours full movie review - The Finest Hours wasn't the perfect storm. It was bland. This movie is not Semper Paratus!

Inspired by true events and based off, the 2009 book of the same name, by Michael J. Tougias & Casey Sherman. This movie directed by Craig Gillespie tells the story how a small boat of U.

S. Coast Guardsmen pulled off the most daring rescue in their service's history. Set in Massachusetts in 1952, the film follows the men daring enough to rescue the 30+ man crew trapped aboard the sinking SS Pendleton, an oil tanker bound for Boston that was ripped in half during one of the worst storms to ever hit the East Coast. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I have to say, since the movie is based on real-life events. There is little to look forward to. The movie is just too predictable and full of old fashioned clichés. Despite that, it's still, somewhat worth checking out. The acting in the film was pretty good for the most part. In spite of some of the supporting characters being very unlikeable due to cowardly or stupidity. At least, the main character, wasn't that bad. Yes, he's a dull milk-toast kind of a guy, but I kinda like Chris Pine as Coast Guard Captain Bernie Webber. It's nice to see him, played a character, with a strong sense of justice, morality, and righteousness, while also being very obedience and rigid to the rules of his command. It's so different from his normal roles of playing captains that were also brave, but somewhat selfish and brash with their action. By far, he's the best character, in this film. However, I really wasn't very invested in the relationship, his character had with Miriam Pentinen (Holliday Grainger). Holliday Grainger is a fine actress, but I found her character to be a little too dependent to care about. She's so selfish. Miriam repeated, forceful demands that the rescue effort be called off to keep Bernie out of danger was really bad! I really didn't like her. Honestly, what did she think was going to happen, if she was going to marry a Coast Guard!? I'm glad, she got kicked out of the Coast Guard station over it. If that wasn't enough; she stupidly hits a snowbank and had to be bailed out by a housewife whom husband is trapped on the Pendleton. I get that it was supposed to be character development for her, but it came across as too annoying and all-time waster. Those scenes were really too distracting from the gripping main plot of the rescue mission. Anyways, the real Miriam was just in home in bed with the flu. Not only that, but she was already marry to Bernie a year and a half prior to the Pendleton rescue, so she knew that she was getting herself into. By the way, in real-life, Bernie met his wife, Miriam over the telephone, not in a blind date, if you wondering. Another thing, that wasn't true to real events is how Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck), the first assistant engineer and now de facto leader of the Pendelton crew, wanted to run the SS Pendleton aground. In truth, this decision would be, very stupid, because the ship would had broken up faster in the relentless surf. Anybody who is a Chief Engineer would have at least, known that. In real-life, Chief Engineer Ray Sybert actually decided to keep the Pendleton's stern as far offshore as possible, fearing that the ship might sink faster, if he did. Another thing, that Sybert didn't do, is cut the lifeboats as most of the crew, knew, already that the idea of escaping the ship by boat would be nuts, because how the monstrous waves were acting. If they did try to escape the ship by lifeboat. They would likely had been crush against the hull for sure. That's the reason, why none of the boats were ever launched. As much as I kinda like the Pendleton crew in the movie. I found most of the characters on the ship to be one-dimension. First off, you got the doubter, D.A Brown (Michael Raymond-James) who has nothing else to say, besides fighting with everybody. The old man of the ship, Frank Fauteux (Graham McTavish) who should be leading the crew, but isn't. Then there is the over-the-top jolly big fella, George 'Tiny' Myers (Abraham Benrubi) who should be scare, but isn't for some odd reason. Then you got the young greenhorn, Elvin Maske (John Magaro). Every one of them is clichés. Even Casey Affleck as Ray Sybert was kinda average. I'm sorry, I know he's a great actor, but he's so typecast, here. Honestly, it seems like Casey Affleck, only played characters that are shy, reticent people! It's a bit tiresome. He always talks like he has marbles in his mouth. Way too depressing. I also hate, how cool and collected, everybody is, despite the fact that there is two ships that are sinking. Everybody takes their time to get to the ships. There is little to no stakes. The action scenes in this movie is not that exciting. The movie didn't even, bother, showing the other ship that broke in half. Where was scenes of the coast guard, rescuing the SS Fort Mercer? The rescue of the SS Fort Mercer survivors was just as incredible as the SS Pendleton. I don't get why, they didn't show it. Anyways, the 3D isn't worth it. It's way too dark, blurry and rainy to tell, what's happening on screen. Also, the CGI storm, looks a little too fake looking for my taste. I really didn't like the ending with all the fake-looking car lights. It was too unrealistic. Overall: While the movie does a good job in capturing a sense of the post-WWII era with the sets and costume & the fact that the music by composer Carter Burwell was good. This old timey tale of heroism sunk for the most part. I can only recommended this as a one time watch. It's alright, but not good.

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