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The Girl in the Book 2015 full movie online free

The story of a young writer's transformation when her past invades her present.


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Release: Jun 13, 2015

IMDb: 6.3

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The Girl in the Book full movie review - Difficult story of a girl who was taken advantage of.

I became an ardent Emily VanCamp fan watching her in her now defunct TV series "Revenge." She is has a great screen presence and is a fine actress.

Here she is Alice Harvey, approaching 29 and is kind of an emotional mess. She is an aspiring writer working for a publishing firm, but her destructive habit is to pick up strangers in bars and have one- night stands. She seems to know it is destructive but she can't seem to help herself.

The thrust of the story is that it is all related to a relationship she developed 15 years earlier, with Michael Nyqvist, an author friend of her dad's, as Milan Daneker. He took an interest in Alice, she was flattered that this author would want to help her with her own writing. But his intentions were not honorable, he needed a source for his book and took unfair advantage of the young girl to gain real insights into the mind and sexuality of a teenager. His book became a best seller but Alice was continually haunted by her earlier experiences with him.

Ana Mulvoy-Ten, who really looks like a 14 or 15 yr old teen, but was really about 22 during filming, is Young Alice. The movie switches back and forth between current time and 15 years earlier so both Alices have generous screen time.

The other actor worth mentioning is veteran Michael Cristofer as Alice's Dad. He always has a smile but is the overbearing type. For example at dinner he will order what he thinks each family member should have, then proceed to eat off all plates. When Alice is having difficulty getting her boss to let her represent a new client, Dad moves in and asserts his influence, belittling her.

Good movie, difficult topic, my wife and I enjoyed the viewing experience.

SPOILERS: At one point Alice worked up enough courage to tell her folks what Milan had done but they didn't believe her, adding to the hurt. Finally, approaching 29, she decided to write her own book, "The Girl in The Book" about what had happened those 15 years earlier.

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