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The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) 2015 full movie online free

Taking inspiration from The Human Centipede films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a solution to his problems.


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Release: May 22, 2015

IMDb: 3.7

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The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) full movie review - The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

Razzie nominated director Tom Six, who apparently worked on the Dutch version of Big Brother, where it first began, completes his highly controversial trilogy with this climax

that brings both the original and sequel into play, including the stars of them, and turns the shock factor up another notch. Basically psychotic prison warden William "Bill" Boss (First Sequence's Dieter Laser) watches The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) with his accountant Dwight Butler (Full Sequence's Laurence R. Harvey), Bill says he hates the films, he enjoys sexually assaulting his assistant Daisy (porn star Bree Olson), to the dismay of Dwight watching, who tries to pitch a "brilliant idea", before being interrupted. Bill and Dwight are summoned to the prison to look at the aftermath of an assault that occurred, an officer was stabbed by an inmate, Bill punishes the prisoner, Inmate 178 (The Fifth Element's Tommy 'Tiny' Lister), by snapping his arm, exposing his bone and causing immense pain, Bill hurls several racist slurs at him, and promises to do this again when his bones heal. In the Warden's office, Bill receives his package, specially imported dried African clitorises, which he eats 'for strength', next Bill waterboards Native American prisoner, Inmate 346 (Jay Tavare), disfiguring him with boiling water. Governor Hughes (The Dark Knight's Eric Roberts) threatens to fire Bill and Dwight if they do not clean up their acts, desperate to gain respect Bill orders all prisoners are castrated, he graphically castrates a prisoner, Inmate 297 (Robert LaSardo), himself. Bill next eats the prisoner's cooked testicles for lunch, Daisy is forced to give him fellatio, while Dwight watches and angrily stamps his papers in the corner, after she swallows he offers her something to take away the taste, she eats one of the dried clitorises, mistaking it for candy. Dwight is finally able to pitch his "brilliant idea", he suggests all prisoners should be surgically connected, mouth to anus, forming giant human centipede, saying it will save them money, and it will be the ultimate deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Bill initially opposes the idea, because of his hatred of The Human Centipede films, dismissing the idea as impossible, and claiming the films director Tom Six has a fetish for feces, after a drunken argument with Dwight, Bill has a nightmare of the prisoner he castrated raping him in the kidney. The director himself, Tom Six, is summoned to the prison, Bill is warming to Dwight's idea, Six confirms that it is "100% medically accurate", Six gives permission to use his Centipede idea, but he wants to witness the operation. The first two Human Centipede films are screened to the prisoners in the prison canteen, showing them what is going to happen, a riot breaks out, several guards are injured, the prisoners spread, trapping Bill and Dwight in the Warden's office, one inmate beats Daisy into a coma and another masturbates watching, backup arrives and manage to herd the prisoners back to their cells. Bill readies all prisoners, going to each cell and shooting all inmates with tranquilisers, but some prisoners are not compatible for the centipede, one prisoner has a stoma, and one prisoner is disabled, Bill kills them both. They also discover a prisoner has Crohn's disease, causing constant diarrhoea, Bill orders the prisoner he castrated and raped him in his dream is attached to him as further punishment, Bill and Dwight visit Daisy who is in a coma, Dwight tells Bill he loves her, Bill ignores his protests and rapes Daisy's motionless body. Tom Six returns and is met by Bill and Dwight, touring the cells the trio discover a mentally unstable prisoner eating his own feces, wanting to be sewn into the centipede, not wanting anyone to enjoy the centipede punishment Bill kills the prisoner, they next observe the operation going ahead, including the death row inmates being dismembered for a "special project", Six vomits seeing this. The five-hundred person human centipede is complete, Governor Hughes arrives and is disgusted by what he sees, not only a Human Centipede has been created, but also a Human Caterpillar, made up of prisoners serving life sentences, with all limbs removed, meaning they cannot move, also Daisy has accidentally been sewn into the Centipede, Bill and Dwight detail the saving of money for tax payers and other benefits from it, but Hughes concludes they are insane and should get the death penalty, before leaving in abhorrence. Bill murders Dr. Jones (Clayton Rohner) in anger, then Hughes returns to the prison and has had a change of heart, he claims the Centipede punishment is "just what America needs", the end sees Bill and Dwight celebrate their success, but Bill shoots Dwight for trying to take credit for the idea, even though it was his idea in the first place, and Bill is seen naked dancing and screaming from the watchtower over the prison centipede. Also starring First Sequence's Akihiro Kitamura as Inmate 333, Bill Hutchens as Inmate 488 and Carlos Ramirez (identical twin brother of Efren from Napoleon Dynamite) as Inmate 109. The casting of stars from the previous two films as actually a clever idea, Laser is fantastically exaggerated and sadistic, while Harvey is amusingly eccentric and authoritative, the appearances of Roberts, Olson, Lister and even the film's own director Six add a little something as well. I questioned if this final film in the trilogy would have as many cuts by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) as the second film did, it certainly doesn't hold back on the violence, body mutilation or other disgusting things going on, you could argue that some of it is done for comedic value, depending on your opinion of the series, certainly not to be watched if your squeamish, and it satirises politics, racism and sexism, I admit it's no quite as good as the previous two, but it's not a bad satirical horror. It was nominated the Razzie for Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel. Worth watching!

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