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The Lake on Clinton Road 2015 full movie online free

When six friends from Massachusetts travel to the jersey shore, they end up on Clinton road at a house on a lake. They're not alone, one by one they disappear, who will survive.


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Release: Jul 17, 2015

IMDb: 3.0

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The Lake on Clinton Road full movie review - Terrible.

Simply terrible. NO other way to describe it. I tend to enjoy B horror movies so I had higher expectations of this movie while knowing what to expect from a low-budget film.

This movie was simply awful. All of the actors suffered from varying degrees of amnesia when it came to knowing how to actually act. Despite every character being a part of a couple, when their girlfriend/boyfriends would disappear (as inevitably happens in a horror flick), no one seemed to care. At all. Which was difficult to get past. The "haunting" was never really explained or, honestly, developed. The sound was so poorly done that with my TV at full sound it was still hard to hear. And the plot? Well, instead of genuine scares and plot development, we see a variety of sex, drinking, and gratuitous twerking in the first half of the film when things are fine (at least it saves us from dialogue, but it's still not entertaining). in the second half, when things aren't so great, we see a variety of people working out. Seriously, these people are so fit that they somehow work out the morning after heavy drinking and whenever they get stressed. So basically, you get to watch a sizable chunk of a "horror" flick but it's really more like watching a film on exercise voyeurism.

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