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The Legend of Alice Flagg 2016 full movie online free

When young newlyweds Julia and Rivers find themselves trapped in a quaint, Carolina coastal bed and breakfast with fellow stragglers during a dangerous hurricane, they soon begin to suspect they are being haunted by the legendary ghost of Alice Flagg.

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Release: Jul 16, 2016

IMDb: 8.0

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The Legend of Alice Flagg full movie review - Go Ask Alice

In what is possibly her wedding gown, a young woman has a ghostly encounter. After the opening credits, the bride awakens on a tour bus. She is wealthy, dark-haired Lexi Giovagnoli (as Julia Lyons).

Her groom is muscular, long-haired Adam Hagenbuch (as Rivers McCoy). The happy South Carolina couple arrives at a cozy cottage on the coast, where they will spend their "Honeymoon from Hell". Overly campy landlady Catherine Hicks (a Hazel Burroughs) dotes on the newlyweds. Other cottage residents include sexy blonde Cameron Richardson (as Janelle Gamble) and, of course, the ghost of Alice Flagg...

This TV movie begins oddly, with Ms. Giovagnoli dreaming of a ghost she, we presume, hasn't yet seen. Considering later events, that's only the beginning of some strained credulity. Director Jake Helgren and his team may not have had enough time to prepare for the honeymoon. Perhaps consequently, some of the players appear unnatural. Without a handle on her character, Ms. Hicks goes off the rails. Apart from his scraggly hair, generously shirtless Mr. Hagenbuch fills the screen impressively with a perfectly chiseled chest. Looking red hot in her sexy bikini bottom, Ms. Richardson appears most memorably.

*** Honeymoon from Hell (7/16/2016) Jake Helgren ~ Lexi Giovagnoli, Adam Hagenbuch, Catherine Hicks, Cameron Richardson

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