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The Messenger 2015 full movie online free

The Messenger is the story of Jack’s last melt down: a story of frustration and guilt, love and betrayal, family and blame. Unwillingly becoming embroiled in the unfinished business of Mark, a journalist brutally murdered in the local park and his television presenter wife, Sarah, to whom he’s desperate to say one last goodbye, Jack finds himself getting closer to Sarah, obsessed with passing on Mark’s message. Discovering hidden secrets and lies finally pushes the fragile Jack over the edge but there is hope when his estranged sister, Emma, gets in touch. Jack starts to remember the past they shared together and as the memories come flooding back, he confronts the truth about the death of his father.


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Release: Jul 16, 2015

IMDb: 6.0

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The Messenger full movie review - Personal Review of The Messenger

I have been a fan of Robert Sheehan ever since I first saw him on Misfits almost 6 years ago, so when I saw that he was in another movie more recently, of course I went out of my way to find it online as it had not been promoted anywhere in the United States.

Upon reading the summary, I did not know what to expect as it seemed to be just another "I can talk to ghosts but no one else can see them" type of movie. But the more you get into it, you begin to realize that it is not just that.

I will admit that there were parts that I did not fully understand at first. As a whole this movie is a lot to take in and even having watched it in full with no distractions I felt as if I missed something, or maybe that there was something in the plot that was missing. I find myself having so many questions, but no proper way to word them.

The plot is very scattered, which may lead to confusion, and I thought that it was going to tie together in the end but come to find out that the ending just left me with even more confusion. It is shown earlier in the movie that Emma's son has this "sight" as well, but with her finding the article about the swimming pool at the very end and then cutting to a shot of Ben standing with the drowned boy, it left me wondering what exactly it meant. She had no knowledge of her son seeing the dead boy, and Jack had never mentioned it either, so how did this ending tie into the movie plot whatsoever?

This was not the only time where I was left confused at why certain things were written into the script. As a whole it was difficult to understand what exactly point that the writer was trying to make and why this story was being told. Nothing was resolved in the end, and no one (except maybe Emma) believed the Jack was telling the truth. He was left in the hospital despite having proved (by saving Sarah's life) that he had some type of ability, whether they understood it to be him speaking to the dead or not.

I would not say that this is a awful movie as it did have its strong points; great acting, well put together scenes, beautiful shots and camera work for the most part, but as I stated above it left something to be desired and a feeling that something was missed.

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