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The Mommy Returns 2012 full movie online free

The Mommy Returns tells the story of a mother, Ruby (Pokwang), who dies right on the day of her 25th wedding anniversary with husband, William (Gabby Concepcion). With her untimely death, she leaves behind her three children Amethyst (Kiray Celis), Topaz (Gerald Pesigan), and Sapphire (Jillian Ward). Ruby is also temporarily trapped in PURGA (short for Purgatory) with its guardian, Dyoga (John Lapus) and the pesky Manny, the chicken pet of San Pedro. When Catherine (Ruffa Gutierrez), a younger and prettier woman comes into the life of William, Ruby escapes from PURGA and returns to earth as a ghost to drive Catherine out of the family she left behind.


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Release: May 09, 2012

IMDb: 1.0

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The Mommy Returns full movie review - Insulting, ridiculous, not worth your time

After Ruby (Pokwang) died from an accident, husband William (Gabby Concepcion) marries Catherine (Ruffa Gutierrez) just after 40 days of his wife's death. This drives Ruby from purgatory to go back to earth and make it difficult for Catherine.

Like other comedy movies, this makes references to TV showbiz shows and old movies. This one reminisces Madrasta (starring Sharon as a stepmother) and Bituing Walang Ningning (pussycat!) that are not a bit funny. The kids are supposed to be endearing (gay son, talkative daughters) but I can't symphatize with them. The make up of Pokwang is supposed to be hilarious, but it looks gruesome. The usual slapstick jokes are all over the place and the supposed dramatic moments are to cringe at.

Aside from the story line that is ridiculous and unbelievable, it is unbelievable that Gabby Concepcion has not learned how to act after all these years. Medically, it is also hard to accept that someone supposed to be dying, looks so healthy and still capable of fathering a child.

Avoid this movie, like other comedies of this kind, this is an insult to your intelligence and waste of time and money.

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