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In the midst of their concrete and metal city, five best friends discover something they've never seen before - a tiny sprout. Our heroes decide to protect this delicate, unique, colorful little thing - which isn't easy. They don't even know what it is! Run ragged, yet undeterred, these inventive friends keep the sprout safe and discover what it needs to live and thrive. In helping the sprout become a beautiful tree, they bring about a fun change and make a lasting, joyful impact in their world.


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Release: Dec 05, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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The Numberlys full movie review - For the little ones only

"The Numberlys" was released slightly over a month ago by Amazon as a pilot episode. Now audiences have to decide if this 11-minute short film gets a full season, maybe even more.

My choice would be no. There was nothing I really liked about this little film here and compared to other test pilots, it is certainly inferior in my opinion. However, I can see that this one appeals to very young audiences with the bright colors, simple numbers and not too complicated stories. The characters look like a mix of Lego and Teletubbies and I cannot say I liked it. This was created by William Joyce, an Academy Award winner for "Morris Lessmore". I also enjoyed that one clearly not as much as the Academy and he also cannot win me over with his new project here. The environmental aspect could have been interesting to grown-ups, but it sadly also came short in that area. Not recommended and I probably would not watch in case it really gets greenlit unless it drastically improves.

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