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The Other Side of the Door 2016 full movie online free

Grieving over the loss of her son, a mother struggles with her feelings for her daughter and her husband. She seeks out a ritual that allows her say goodbye to her dead child, opening the veil between the world of the dead and the living. Her daughter becomes the focus of terror. She must now protect against the evil that was once her beloved son.


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Release: Feb 25, 2016

IMDb: 3.8

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The Other Side of the Door full movie review - A solid 50/50. This is an extremely simple horror film that managed to succeed.

Maria and Micheal are currently mourning the loss of their son. With this being said, Maria is deeply impacted, leading her to do anything she possibly can to ever get anything from her son again.

Their house maid, a local of the foreign country they live in tells her of an ancient temple of which contains a door with a thin line to the world of living, and dead. Only one rule. Don't open the door. Maria travels to the said temple, and, you guessed it. She opened the door. Thus all hell is unleashed, and now she must stop it.

Let's start with the con's of this film. This film, first of all, had a very solid, tense, creepy atmosphere going for it. The cinematography really captured some unnerving shots that'll have you on the edge of your seat, expecting something to happen, when really nothing does. There are truly some scenes in this film; you have dark scenes, creepy, unsettling scenes that aren't even meant to be frightening, not to mention how the soundtrack really fits along with it. Again, I felt as if the cinematography really captured some simplistic scenes, how the camera slowly panned toward the creepy factor, overall succeeding for keeping the audience at high tension! As said before, the soundtrack really fits well with the film. There are scenes in this film to where it's literally as silent to where you could hear a pen drop, making it extremely unnerving, and unsettling, sending the audience to a white-knuckle ride. There's also some sound track to where nothing's happening to where it just set tones for the film, making it enjoyable instead of just bland, and uneventful in terms of scene sound. The acting in this film; moving on. It was really well, in my opinion. The actors really did well portraying a broken, sad, and lost couple of which are slowly recovering a tragic event. Something an actor can easily miss the mark on, and fail upon. The child actors, too, were quite good. Most movies they can get annoying, or boring, but the movie kept it at a smooth, solid execution, saving it. Overall the film had amazing atmosphere, great actors, cinematography, and succeeded in a creepiness! Again, something these horror movies easily miss. Now to the misses of this film, there's quite big ones. As said in the title.. this is an extremely simple film, and it is. It's just basic, there's no other words really to describe it as. Reason being is because the entire plot is just your normal, modern, theatrical horror film gimmick that's been used many, many times before, just portrayed in a different matter. You have your happy family with a dark past, the dark past comes back, a paranormal entity comes and causes mayhem, someone dies, and that's it! Now I'm sure everyone has seen a film like such a bit of times before. The film, when though closely is just a massive cliché that was saved by simplistic execution. The storyline is just something we've seen before, just in a more better format. The film also takes the cliché of the whole "Foreign legend" gimmick, to where there's a local legend of which the family / a character manages to anger. Again. It's been done, especially a bunch of times in your theatrical horror film releases. Next. The biggest blow for me. The pacing. Although this film was saved, again, by it's simplistic executions.. the pacing seemed atrocious, all over the place. One moment something happens for a brief moment.. Just when you think it'll rise.. it sets, and gets slow. Then the process continues as such a bunch of times through the film. It's pacing, though, overall ended up being just slow, and although it built small build up, it still came up flat, and again, slow. Finally. Another cliché this film took. Ever watched one of those films to where they become a bit desperate, and decide to just throw random "scary" crap at you? Yup. This film became a bit desperate it seems, as it just started throwing random things at the viewer's face, such as visions that aren't real and such.. because why not? Said visions did nothing for the film, or story, other than just giving a scare or two. Some scares even failed, falling flat and not even scaring the viewers, in fact, they could even come off as funny as the film tried, but failed at times.

In conclusion, this wasn't bad at all! It's a basic, typical horror movie that had great execution, which is honestly a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately this films rating, and enjoyable factor lowered, as it suffered major blows from typical problems, leading this film to just be clichéd, once, as said before, thought about closely. It had, however a creepy, solid, and effective atmosphere all around. The film also had great actors to back that up, making believable acts that come off more serious than silly. The costume design, as well. Such at the creature shown, and the paranormal entities served, and succeeded in the creepy factor, only boosting it more. But. As said a bunch before. It's just clichéd. The entire plot, storyline .. just clichéd. And to drag it lower the pacing was terrible wonky, setting the following of this film downward. But really. This wasn't a bad watch. I'd recommend this to provoke horror fans, but if you're not looking for clichés steer clear. This, without a doubt in my eyes is a solid 50/50 horror film.

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