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The Parallax Theory 2015 full movie online free

The six-part drama follows Jonathan, a young physicist, who alone holds the knowledge of an imminent cataclysmic meteor strike. As he tirelessly warns the world of impending doom, he is ostracized by those who fear the truth, forcing him to choose between what may be a futile attempt to save humanity, or make a sacrifice for his family.


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Release: Sep 22, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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The Parallax Theory full movie review - Excellent

Well produced. Great and Epic "What if" Story. I do not understand the negative reviews attached on this IMDb page. They are unhelpful and entirely inaccurate.

It seems complete insane that anyone can write anything here, often personal and hateful which has no real information to advise the potential viewer.

Let me say, this film is in a class of it's own, with the right mix of real character driven plot within an epic notion of impending doom.

The production is faultless. The story pace is spot on. The acting is professional and convincing. No. I'm not attached to the film in any way in its creation nor am I a relative of someone involved with the film. I came across it, as we do, and I thought it was an excellent film made on a far lower budget than what all those big block busters cost and yet, the film is on a par.

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