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The Parallax Theory 2015 full movie online free

The six-part drama follows Jonathan, a young physicist, who alone holds the knowledge of an imminent cataclysmic meteor strike. As he tirelessly warns the world of impending doom, he is ostracized by those who fear the truth, forcing him to choose between what may be a futile attempt to save humanity, or make a sacrifice for his family.


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Release: Sep 22, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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The Parallax Theory full movie review - Horrible Acting!!!

Apparently the lead of this show is a you tube star. He should stick to making you tube videos and not acting. He is so bad it's cringe worthy. The girl that plays his wife was pretty bad as well.

She was so over dramatic it was terrible. Not trying to be mean but she looks like E.T. Her eyes are so far apart! I have no idea how they got these roles but they are terrible. I really hope that this kid uses some better actors next time and not his friend. Vincent Cyr needs an acting coach or something if he ever plans to act again. The acting takes you so far out of the story which isn't terrible. It's not that original either. I would find something else to watch instead of this thing. I hate to bad mouth things but it was so bad I couldn't help but write about it!!

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