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The Quarantine Hauntings 2015 full movie online free

17 yr old Jasmine struggles to come to terms with her fathers death. She and her best friend Skye are left to take care of their younger siblings Zac, Blake and Eva when their mother's Sandy and Katherine decide to go on a girls night out to give Sandy a breather. Jasmine and Skye take the kids to the notoriously haunted Quarantine station to research a school assignment where they find out more about a resident ghost; Jolene Denman, AKA the girl in the pink dress. In an attempt to scare the boys, they pretend to evoke the spirit of the troubled girl but when things start going terribly wrong they begin to realize that their actions have had serious consequences. Jasmine and Jolene have a fateful connection. That night as Jasmine's behavior becomes increasingly concerning, Jasmine's boyfriend Cameron and Skye discover that the kids have gone missing.


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Release: Jan 26, 2015

IMDb: 6.0

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The Quarantine Hauntings full movie review - Repetitive, derivative, and pointless...

Another mindless teen "horror" flick, much of which consists of a group of decidedly non-interesting kids traversing some decidedly non-spooky terrain (despite having been shot in "the most haunted place in Australia") while tentatively calling out each other's names.

The home they spend much of their time in seems like some kind of bunker, but what's the point of constantly recording every inch of it on security cameras if none of the characters EVER looks at a monitor to notice the peculiar (though not particularly original) goings on?

Not helping matters is the the fact that lead "actress" Lauren Clark seems to be limited to two expressions; an admittedly dazzling smile, and a vacuous stare. It's impossible to become invested in the fate of any of the characters because they're all (sub)standard issue "horror teens."

Relying on jumpy camera work (and black contact lenses and too much eye shadow to identify the ghosts), the movie can't even whip up a veneer of suspense. Poorly written, shot, acted and edited, at 82 minutes it manages to overstay its welcome before it's half over.

Written and directed by Bianca Biasi and Arnold Perez, and produced by mistake.

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