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The Quiet Hour 2015 full movie online free

In a remote part of rural, post-apocalyptic England, now occupied by unseen alien invaders, a feisty teenage girl sets out on a desperate attempt to fight back a group of bandits and defend her parents' farm, their remaining livestock, and the solar panels that keep them safe from extraterrestrials. If she doesn't succeed, she will lose her only source of food and shelter; if she resists, she and her helpless blind sibling will be killed.


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Release: Sep 07, 2015

IMDb: 5.2

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The Quiet Hour full movie review - All-round outstanding production

I had the great pleasure of seeing The Quiet Hour at the Raindance screening in London and was hugely impressed. Everything about it is worthy of note - interesting original concept, great script, fantastic direction, top notch performances by the cast and fantastic production value.

This sci-fi, post apocalyptic thriller tells the story of a young girl and her blind brother who do their best to survive in a world that has been torn apart by an invasion of mysterious aliens who kill all humans in sight. Their routine is interrupted by a wandering stranger, who may or may not have the best intentions...

I couldn't believe this film was done on a low budget, the production value is absolutely excellent, it looks and feels like a very sophisticated production. This is what independent films should aspire to be like!

Dakota Blue Richards delivers a truly superb performance as the lead, showing us just what she is capable of, and Karl Davies and Jack McMullen are equally convincing and excellent. Zeb Moore and Brigitte Millar are also worthy of note, absolutely rock their parts. Stephanie Joalland is clearly a very talented director, every shot is carefully and cleverly put together and, as a fan of post apocalyptic films in general, her use of the landscape and scenery is brilliant. I can't remember the last time I've seen such a good directorial debut! I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from her.

Gripping from beginning to end and beautifully shot, I cannot praise and recommend this film enough - watch out for it because people will talk about it once it's released. Very much looking forward to Frenzy Films' next production!!

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