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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe 2015 full movie online free

A chronicle of Marilyn Monroe's family life and how she succeeded in hiding her most intimate secrets from the press and an invasive world.


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Release: May 30, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe full movie review - putrid piece of garbage

I'd copy-and-paste "putrid piece of garbage" like a broken record, but there are a few things which need to be said about this putrid piece of garbage:

* Dougherty has Marilyn's mother hauled off by the cops after she knocks down their bedroom door, brandishing a kitchen knife? If you buy that, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale!

* Marilyn basing "Marilyn Monroe" on a cigarette girl whom she sees seductively selling a boy a pack of gum? Rrriiiggghhhttt.

* No proof Dougherty ever called her "crazy like your mother" or threatened to take her to a "head doctor".

* Her first screen test/contract happened after she divorced Dougherty.

* No proof Tom Kelley knew Joseph Schenck, much less, wrangled her an invite to Schenck's "poker party".

* No proof her drug dependency began with Johnny Hyde feeding her uppers like they were candy.

* She rehearses a dance routine from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" before she meets DiMaggio. In fact, she learned she got "Blondes" on her 26th birthday, after she met DiMaggio.

* She and DiMaggio met on a blind date at Chasen's, not at some dive where a brunette is ready to pounce on him. And the real date did not wind up like this one does. A figment of the filmmakers' warped imaginations.

* The DiMaggio dinner table is headed by his parents. He tells Marilyn when they run into each other after their divorce "my folks ask about you all the time". DiMaggio's parents died before he met Marilyn.

* Marilyn saying Peter Lawford's much-better half, aka JFK's sister, is everything she wants to be? Too funny.

* DiMaggio and Marilyn get jiggy with it after running into each other while she has drinks with Peter Lawford's much-better half, aka JFK's sister while still married to Arthur Miller, AND with the disapproval of Peter Lawford's much-better half, aka JFK's sister? In the filmmakers' warped imaginations. They did run into each other in Reno while she was filming "The Misfits", but she had her posse in tow, and, needless to say, there was no getting jiggy with it.

* No mention of DiMaggio's son or Miller's two children, all of whom she was very close to.

* Miller a passive-aggressive prick who blames Marilyn for killing their unborn child? Any takers for that oceanfront property in Arizona yet?

* No mention of her trip to Korea?! Are you kidding?!

* DiMaggio had a warm relationship with Eunice Murray, who found Marilyn dead (at least they got THAT right!) Threatening to sack her if she doesn't clean Marilyn's pig sty of a bedroom? Pure fiction.

* The real Marilyn was right-handed.

I should have copied-and-pasted "putrid piece of garbage" like a broken record.

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