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The Siege of Jadotville 2016 full movie online free

Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan leads a stand off with troops against French and Belgian Mercenaries in the Congo during in the early 1960s.


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Release: Oct 07, 2016

IMDb: 7.2

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The Siege of Jadotville full movie review - A good directorial debut!

In "The Siege Of Jadotville" is about a group of Irish soldiers who'll have to defend this city.

This Netflix-original is directed by Richie Smyth. This was his debut film, and for a debut film, this was a good movie. It wasn't anything special, or innovative, but it was just fine. His directing was OK. Vissually he isn't the greatest director. I'm not saying that this movie is ugly looking, but it could've been better. The framing wasn't always right as an example. He did use some good shots, like an aerial shot of the troops storming in, but this shot only lasted for not even a second, which is a shame. Richie Smyth also has his own style, which is something I like, but I didn't like his style in particular. He used a lot of over the shoulder shots, who were fine in the beginning, but after a while, they became to noticeable and annoying, because they were there so frequent. He should've used other, more creative angles to keep those scenes more interesting. Smyth tried to utilize focus as well a tiny bit, but this turned out badly. It only ruined the shots and were mostly distracting and off-putting. I have one more thing to say about him, but I don't really know if this was his decision, or just a mistake in the post-production. This was in the first battle sequence and the camera zooms in just a tiny bit. Not like they normally do, to accentuate something, just a tiny bit. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it didn't turn out well, because this too, was of- putting.

But enough about him for a second. The soundtrack was OK, nothing new. The only thing that I have to say about this part, is that early on in the movie they use a very tense piece of music, but it didn't fit the scene at all. It was just someone saying something, and by using a tense score at that part, they only made the scene more ridiculous. I say "more", because the actor who said the lines was really bad. But more on that later. And one last criticism on the director is that some scenes laced power. Like the scene in the early beginning of the movie, where someone get's shot. Instead of showing the man falling down, etc. He just could've cut to black and leave the gunshot echoing in the background. This would've left the viewers imagination go it's way. Well, that's my opinion about it, at least.

Now the acting. This was good, but not fantastic. Jamie Dornan was very good as the Commandant. He was charismatic, and brought a lot to his character. His line delivery was good. Mark Strong, who is usually a good actor, didn't do the same as he has done in his previous films. He was not good in the movie. When he was angry, you could tell by his voice alone that he wasn't. Danny Sapani too was not good. He was the one I talked about in the previous paragraph. The one with the bad line delivery. His acting was just to stereotypical.

The screenplay was okay. My biggest complaint in this paragraph is the portrayal of good and bad. It as way to obvious. You had the "I am bad cause I say bad things and act bad" stereotype (Danny Sapani) and the good. But my main criticism is with the bad side. They really don't develop any of it, and it just makes the movie one-sided. It doesn't go deeper in on the opinion of the enemy and just portrays them as enemy's not as humans, which is a shame, because by doing so, they could've shown more how bad war can be and that there are multiple perspectives on war. But that's, again, just my opinion. In the beginning the writer also tries to set up the story, which was handled in an OK way. I didn't really mind this, though, because the battle sequences didn't need any thought. Their point was just getting you rooting for the main characters, and they achieved their goal. The dialogue was good. There was some cheese in it, to set up some of the characters, but this too wasn't that big of a deal for me. The characters were not outstanding. They got introduced in a creative way, I found, so props to the writer for that.

In the end "The Siege Of Jadotville" was an okay movie. It isn't as good as the other Netflix-originals, but it still manages to stay presentable. The action scenes were mostly handled in a good way and Jamie Dornan portrayed his character well. The director also managed to create a brotherly band between the soldiers. That's why this movie get's a 6.5/10 from me.

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