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The Sisterhood of Night 2015 full movie online free

When a teenage girl says she's the victim of a secret network called The Sisterhood of Night, a quiet suburban town becomes the backdrop for a modern-day Salem witch trial.


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Release: Apr 10, 2015

IMDb: 6.9

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The Sisterhood of Night full movie review - Brilliant Movie, revealing harsh reality

Okay so I am actually a guy (18 yrs old) reviewing this movie. I honestly really enjoyed this movie way more than I expected. I thought it would be more for teen girls and that I could not relate to it. However, upon watching it, I realize nothing could be further from the truth.

Everything that happens in this movie is so realistic, which really adds to this movie. All the things the girls in the sisterhood struggle with are real life problems, like a mom going through cancer, never been kissed before etc etc. In reality I actually can relate most to lavinia as I have never had a girlfriend or been kissed and I know what the pain is like and the struggle of feeling u will never find true love.

So anyway, I found this movie to also be a lot darker than I expected too, as it did not sugar coat things as some movies do. The harsh reality that we all have flaws and make mistakes really comes out, but it's done in a brilliant way. I love how u never know what exactly the sisterhood is until like 4/5 through the movie. U begin to get it when emily has trouble at the radio station, but I realized another clue was when she almost posted "I'm not the one u should be talking too." Emily and her lying about the sisterhood shows how much it can snowball if u lie. First the sisterhood is accused of acts, followed by a school counselor being fired and the eventual death of lavinia.

Now onto the dark side of this movie. I was very shocked at the beginning when lavinia was in the chair and started moaning I began to think, what the hell? But eventually as it's later revealed it was her getting a tattoo. Also one scene which made me a bit uncomfortable was after lavinia read her mother's book on sex. I don't know if I'm accurate but I can imagine what lavinia was doing. Anyways enough of that part. The scandals were also rather dark, especially peeing on the Bible and girls confessing things done to them by the sisterhood. Really shows how lies can snowball. However I feel the very darkest part of this movie was when the made lavinia confess and made her touch herself. My heart literally broke for her, and I almost cried. She thought she finally found someone who loved her and then realized he didn't and worse still they freaking drugged her. This shows the twisted messed up world we live in and this does happen. U then see poor lavinia leave the party crying and can't sleep. Then unfortunately she is broken beyond everything and drug overdoses and ultimately dies.

This honestly for me made me feel as though the movie was not 100% happy ending as a lot of movies are, and honestly I felt mixed at the end. The fact that a main character dies by overdose, plus the awful seen of her crying, literally made me want to cry. I honestly never cry for movies, but this brought me pretty damn close.

Overall to wrap up this review, this is one of the best movies I've ever seen. All the actors and actresses are amazing, georgie henley does a phenomenal job, and it's cool to see her play such a different character from lucy of narnia. Also, though there is a lot of sadness in this movie and dark content, I believe that honestly makes it a better movie. I feel it's so realistic to modern culture and that things in this movie happen significantly more often than most people think. It does not hide everything or be politically correct in the content, it shows the dark side of society and just how messed up some people are. The scenery of the movie is beautiful and the illustration of burning secrets by fire adds even more depth to this movie. Overall 9/10, spectacular movie, I recommend not just girls to watch it, but guys too. Just understand there are some uncomfortable scenes, but nothing too insane.

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