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The Smell of Us 2014 full movie online free

A crotch-whiffing, armpit-sniffing addition to Larry Clark's skater-focused oeuvre, this Paris-based pic plays like a French 'Kids.'


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Release: Aug 27, 2014

IMDb: 5.2

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The Smell of Us full movie review - Nothing new from Larry Clark

Nothing new from Larry Clark.

The lives and times of a few young skateboarders in Paris. However, their lives consist entirely of skateboarding, getting high and having sex with strangers, sometimes for money...

If you know Larry Clark's work, you'll know he generally likes making movies about young people, with a sleazy angle to it all. This was fine in Kids, which showed the emptiness of their lives, the harmful effects of their actions and how the cycle repeats itself in later generations. Bully was good too, as it had a crime- centred grittiness to it.

However, everything else he has made just uses the Kids formula over and over again. Young people, being depraved.

The Smell of Us certainly follows that formula, to the point that it should be called "Kids in Paris". Nothing new, and doesn't have the profundity that Kids has. It's pretty much sleaze and depravity for shock value sake.


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