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Steven Ray was never quite normal. But when tragedy strikes in the form of a deadly hit-and-run incident at a city cross walk, his violent and bizarre behavior becomes uncontrollable. One night, as Steven plots his next murder, he meets Percival, whose unsuccessful attempt at suicide not only interferes with Stevens plans, but the chance encounter also introduces the two into each others sad and lonely lives. Percival believes hes cursed after miraculously surviving each suicide attempt and concludes fate brought he and Steven together. So he hires Steven to assist him in suicide. Steven does not believe in fate and thinks Percival is desperate and delusional. But he accepts the offer. Easy money. After Percival continues to miraculously survive each attempt on his life, Steven starts to believe. He tries to help Percival figure out ways to break the curse. And in the process, they form an unlikely friendship through the common bond of tragedy.


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Release: Jul 10, 2015

IMDb: 6.5

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The Suicide Theory full movie review - SPOILERS: The Suicide Theory Is Not a "By the Numbers" Thriller

I saw the first 35 minutes or so of this film while visiting a friend's house; however, I had to leave? I can tell you that those first 35 minutes were so compelling and suspenseful I actually used Google Play for the first time to rent this, as I absolutely had to see the rest.

The Suicide Theory did not disappoint ? it was worth all of the $3.99 I paid, plus some.

The unique plot finds one of our two main characters, Percival (Leon Cain), deeply depressed over his boyfriend's murder. He tries several times to commit suicide but fails, so he hires a ruthless hit-man, Steven Ray (Steve Mouzakis) to do him in but Steve's attempts also fail. The hit-man can't move on until he finishes the job and so the two eventually develop a bond as our hit-man tries to figure out what it will take to kill Percival. Both men will come to realize that nothing about their encounters is by chance.

The Suicide Theory, as one might guess, is a dark film as it deals with a subject that is taboo. However, the plot is very original and although it deals with serious material, there are surprisingly some very funny instances throughout the film. You wouldn't think you'd laugh at a guy trying to commit suicide or an assassin fudging up the job ? but the film was so well written and directed. Michael Kospiah and Dru Brown, director and writer, respectively, did a brilliant job where most other writer/director teams would surely fail. Part of what makes the film work so well is the casting. Cain and Mouzakis were matched perfectly for their roles, and they both work so well together ? they practically suck viewers in to their woebegone worlds. You will believe the pain these two feel is real. You will express sympathy for the deep psychological issues both men face as if they are real. This is key to why The Suicide Theory is so good. In the disconnected world of modern cinema ? characters are increasingly one-dimensional and cliché, as if writers and directors have no concept of what character development is. Here in The Suicide Theory, it's like back to basic Character Development 101. They get it right.

While I cannot say enough good things about this film, there are a few snags that detract from what should have been a perfect 10 rating... First off: our hit-man. Steven commits brazen murders (or attempted murders) right in public. I hardly think he'd be this "well sought-after" contract killer if he were this sloppy and careless in real life. Police would have nabbed this guy a long time ago with his sloppy killings and assaults. Same goes for the bartender that likes to set up gay patrons for violent, ambush-style robberies for which he is an unmasked participant. Only problem with this is he tends to show back up for work at the same bar after committing these crimes! Not too smart or realistic.

Also, while the concept for the plot is very original ? the main twists can be seen a mile away. I figured most of it out long before things were revealed, although there is a The Sixth Sense type twist thrown in there that I absolutely did not see coming. I also thought the dialogue got muddled down in a few spots here and there, but overall the actors kept things engaging enough that these flaws were "almost" a non-factor.

Go rent the movie, you will not be disappointed.

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