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The Swap 2016 full movie online free

Based on the book by Megan Shull, The Swap follows the adventures of a Rhythmic Gymnast named Ellie with a Make-it-or-Break-it Competition, and the younger brother named Jack in a Hockey Family, who's vying for a varsity spot on his school team. But when a Simple Text causes the two to Swap Bodies, their paths take an Unexpected Cross.


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Release: Oct 07, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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The Swap full movie review - This had all been done before...

What did "The Swap" bring to the table that other movies in the same category didn't already bring before it? Nothing much. Well, aside from it being a newer movie and appealing to the young audience of today. But aside from that, then "The Swap" really didn't offer that much.

Storywise, well it can be summarized very easily: Ellie and Jack make a wish to switch lives, and fate happens to cash in on that wish.

There, easily done. Yeah, there is little more to the story actually. Well, except for scenes where the guy has to perform gymnastics and pretend to be a girl, and vice versa with the girl having to play ice hockey and pretend to be a boy. But wait, didn't we already seen scenes like this in, say, "Freaky Friday"? To name a single classic of the role swapping genre.

"The Swap" is definitely a movie aimed at a younger audience, and I did feel quite out of the target audience. I just had a hard time fully committing to the movie and get into it. Perhaps because I already knew exactly what would happen and how the movie would end? Yeah, it was that predictable. And if you have seen one movie in this particular role swapping genre, then you have already seen "The Swap".

It should be said that the cast in the movie were doing good jobs with their given roles and characters. And the two lead talents, Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand, did carry the movie quite nicely. However, in my opinion, then it was James Godfrey (playing Porter Gibbs) who was the most memorable in the movie, given his odd and quirky character.

I am sure that this movie will be quite funny and appealing to a younger audience of this day and age. But for us mature people, this was sort of a swing and a miss. As such, I am rating this a five out of ten stars. Yeah, I found it to be a mediocre movie, because it had all been seen before.

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