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The Trust 2016 full movie online free

A pair of cops investigating a drug invasion stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.


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Release: Apr 29, 2016

IMDb: 5.3

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The Trust full movie review - An Interesting Small Scale Heist Movie That Unfortunately Starts Falling Apart at the End

I'd love to say I knew a lot about The Trust before it came out but to be honest, I didn't. I saw the synopsis somewhere and I decided to check it out on Netflix.

I decided to watch The Trust because despite the fact he doesn't always make good movies, Nicolas Cage is still a good actor and I do enjoy a good heist movie. I would never say this was an amazing movie but about 3/4 in I was genuinely surprised at how solid this film was. Again, I agree with the prevailing opinion here that the movie falls apart a bit a the end but I'll go into it more later.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Seargent David Waters (Elijah Wood) goes about his day like he's dead inside. He doesn't care about his job, he laughs when his colleague gets punched by a suspect, and when he enjoys the company of a prostitute, he doesn't seem to get much pleasure from it. He works with Lieutentant Jim Stone (Nicolas Cage) who is much more involved in his job. They work in evidence collection for the Las Vegas Police Department and even though they have different personalities, they're friends and they hang out outside of work. When Jim is looking through some files that had been tossed aside, he notices something peculiar with one of the files. A seemingly low-level thug was bailed out in cash for $200,000. He shows the file to David, who couldn't be less interested but Jim pushes the subject. He gets David to follow the guy where he tracks him to a convenience store that has more going on inside it than meets the eye.

I won't go on too long about this movie. The biggest bright spot was the surprisingly good chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood. Both were good individually but they were even better together. They had some pretty good dialogue to work with in the setup to the heist. You were also able to buy them as a team which was key to this movie. Cage was pretty laid back and was even funny in small bits. Wood was also good, it was nice to see him in a decent project. I also liked how the movie was done on a smaller scale. It was suitably gritty, using Las Vegas as the setting benefited the movie and instead of a team of 6 or 7, it was just these two guys using their wits to break into a place that only they seemed to notice.

Getting to what I didn't like, the movie has an independent sensibility and there are certain scenes that don't have much to do with anything. They seem to be in there just to make the movie more weird and have an even darker tone (the scenes with Nicolas Cage's dad, David's interaction with the prostitute and how David acquires his share of the money to pay for the equipment). My main issue is with from when the heist starts to when the movie ends, the twist the movie goes for is interesting but the plot unravels. Our main characters make decisions that don't make sense. They go from having a plan and some common sense to tripping over their own feet. Their strong dynamic dissolves and the movie gets less and less interesting. I also found it to be anti-climactic, I wouldn't call it predictable but it wasn't very exciting.

Its hard to grade this movie. I thought the beginning was decent and as the plan developed, I wanted to see where the movie would go. Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood made for a good team and I was never bored despite the fact the movie would drift off topic here and there. But the movie lacked the payoff it needed and The Trust squanders it's built up goodwill for it. I would give it a 6.5 but I'll round up and give it a 7

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