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Singer/songwriter and single mother Theresa McDermott has finally hit the end of the line in NYC. Unable to make ends meet, she is forced to pack up her life and her 3 girls and move back to the small town and parents she ran from a decade ago. Teresa needs a job, her parents need their space and a family tragedy that was never dealt with from years past needs closure. Old wounds, unattainable dreams and a few other things expose themselves as a fractured family works to become whole and a single mom, a responsible mother.


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Release: Sep 25, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Theresa Is a Mother full movie review - Funny and heartfelt look at the trials and tribulations of a single Mom

TIAM is a frequently very funny and always heartfelt look at the problems encountered by a single Mom who is forced to move from the big city back into her parents home in small town America.

With her 3 young daughters (played by the actresses real life daughters) in tow and no prospects for any work (aside from her poor attempts to succeed as a singer/songwriter) she much navigate the difficulties of living with here quirky parents and finding a meaningful job in a very small town.

All of the actors did a fine job - in particular C. Fraser Press in the lead role and her 3 very talented daughters.

Recommended to all lovers of realistic family humor and quirky family dynamics.

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