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They're Watching 2016 full movie online free

An American TV crew gets trapped in a centuries-old web of revenge, horror, and blood, when their home improvement show is attacked by angry Eastern European villagers out to kill the show's star.


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Release: Mar 25, 2016

IMDb: 6.4

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They're Watching full movie review - A standard found-footage movie that manages to surprise

A TV reality show crew is in Moldova following up on an American pottery artist who bought run-down house out in the woods. She married some local guy and now 6 months later the crew is there to film what they did with the place.

The format of this movie is POV, who knew they will still using that awful format. So you know what that means...irrational behavior, complete jerk characters, and green nightvision! And They're Watching doesn't fail to deliver on all three.

We get 2 nasty characters, the boom operator and the lady producing the show. We follow 3 kids, the boom guy, the camera guy and some intern girl as they meet up with the producer who's waiting for them with the local real estate agent who sold the house to the artist. So we actually get to see some sights of Romania, playing Moldova, as the crew drives to the town, then to the house in the woods, then back to town.

One day the camera guy and the intern go exploring and decide to film everything...a point they make repeatedly in this movie. They run into some church ceremony and go inside. It's a funeral for 3 children. After getting in trouble they go to the local (and only) restaurant bar to eat and drink. Of course locals everywhere stare at them creepily. They learn that the town burned a witch alive 100 years ago.

The next day the crew returns to the artist's house to film. Her husband is out of the country. And they've done a great job turning a wreck of a house into something nice. But then the creepy locals start surrounding the house. The dog ends up dead of course, as all dogs do in movies. The crew's car is destroyed, there's no cell phone reception, someone ends up dead, they discover some secrets and...let's just say that the town isn't quite done with the witch story.

I dislike found footage movies. I hate those that feature nasty characters; and green nightvision just infuriates me. I'm not a fan of movies that don't do much of anything for most of the time and wait for the very end to give us story and action. Despite They're Watching being predictable in doing everything I dislike about POV movies, I'm going to give it a generous score. First, it features Romania and we do get to see some uncommon sights. The orthodox church ceremony scene, while short, was interesting. Unlike most of these movies that manage to cast only unattractive folks, They're Watching has the gorgeous and angelical Mia Faith...but it puts her most of the time...behind the camera!?! Dimitri Diatchenko does a great job as the colorful and likable local. 30 minutes before the end, things become deadly. 20 before the end we start getting some horror and gore. And for the last 10 minutes the movie goes completely bonkers. There are some real cool deaths and also some cheapo CGI gore and blood. Aside from the enthusiastic and strong ending, this movie also surprisingly has a musical score and more visual effects than any other POV horror movie I've seen.

Overall, a strong entry in this dreadful genre, that could have been even better had they set aside all the dumb stuff that these POV movie directors are apparently obliged to maintain. Of course had they ditched the format altogether they would have had a much better movie.

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