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Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted 2015 full movie online free

In August, one of America’s funniest and most groundbreaking comedy talents stars in her first-ever HBO stand-up comedy special, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted. The exclusive presentation will feature the Grammy® nominee in an all-new performance taped in May before a live audience at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. Known for her distinctive storytelling and offbeat sense of humor, Notaro often draws on her highly personal experiences with no-holds-barred honesty. Over the course of her one-hour show, Notaro tells stories about a number of subjects, including: performing in Las Vegas; the search for the perfect Santa Claus; her favorite laugh noises; bringing her fiancée to meet her Mississippi family; TSA screening; flying in small planes; unusual public signs; standing ovations; and more.


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Release: Aug 22, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted full movie review - Not laugh out loud, something bigger.

Like many comedy fans, my introduction to Tig occurred during a Comedy Central Presents in the early 2000's. While it felt like I was seeing a work-in-progress I have thought about a few of those jokes regularly ever since.

Her underground status broke mainstream with a remarkable show she did at The Largo in 2012. Fresh off of several personal tragedies, she performed an impossible set that will likely live immortally at that venue.

With a couple of documentaries about her struggles growing her name, this special had a good deal riding on it for her. I can't imagine she will have a hard go of it getting stage time at any US club, but this is a test to many for their tolerance of her subtle and measured style. Many portions are brilliant and understated. There are few moments gut- busting but a wealth of genuinely funny material. Thoughtful is underrated with comedy audiences, but inherently effective. You will remember a good deal more from this set than cheap quips from others. There are fewer words per minute than almost any set I've ever seen, timing is pushed to the limit.

The set isn't perfect, but honest and meaningful. She shows a vulnerability that is as literal as it gets. You're hearing this from someone who fell in love with her years ago, but for viewers, she deserves more than traditional comic consideration.

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