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Tim Timmerman: Hope of America 2017 full movie online free

Impeached high school president, Tim Timmerman, seeks to redeem himself and get into Yale.


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Release: Feb 17, 2017

IMDb: 1.0

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Tim Timmerman: Hope of America full movie review - Small studio film that has more appeal that most big studio releases

With it's many interesting characters and good writing, this is a fun movie to watch.

While Tim Timmerman borrows some ideas from films like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", it isn't a simple formulaic script but instead builds on a wide range of characters and sub-plots. Even one nemesis of the main character who only has one spoken line shows up at just the right times throughout the film for great comedic affect.

The production values are also very good for a lower-budget movie. The film was mostly shot at various locations in the community but each was interesting and fit the scene well. The editing and music was professional and unnoticeable which is more than you can ask from most small studio films.

I'll definitely watch it again and will be anticipating other films by the same creators and actors.

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