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Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown 2015 full movie online free

Jim Traficant was a legendary quarterback turned mob busting Walking Tall Sheriff who rose to power on a platform of “honesty in politics”. He quickly ascended to the hallowed halls of Congress, becoming its most outspoken member. "Jimbo" as his die-hard supporters called him, was known for his polyester thrift store suits, shock top wigs, vulgar humor and profanity laced rhetoric against the FBI, IRS, and every president since Reagan. His one minute speeches made C-SPAN must see programming, as he signed off with his patented “Beam Me Up!” In his post-industrial hometown of Youngstown, Ohio -- dubbed Crimetown, USA for being the most mobbed up city in America -- "Jimbo" was a living legend, once garnering more than 90% of the vote. However, the eccentric maverick also had a dark side, becoming only the second Member of Congress expelled since the Civil War, eventually spending over seven years in federal prison on bribery and tax evasion charges.


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Release: Nov 01, 2015

IMDb: 8.5

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Traficant: The Congressman of Crimetown full movie review - Loved it. A fascinating look into an unbelievable man.

Wow, simply blown away by this insightful documentary. Better than anything on Netflix. Better than Cocaine Cowboys! It's true what they say -- life is stranger than fiction.

When I thought the story was gonna go left, it went right. Traficant's first trial riveted me. The FBI had Jimbo's signed confession and the tapes and he still beat the system! You did such a terrific job at showing all sides of this once-in-a-lifetime man. He truly was an enigma -- part good, part bad, full bluster always and forever. As stunned as I was at the crazy things Traficant did, I was also -- and this is a tribute to the film's chops -- saddened by how much natural talent he wasted. Also, I stopped counting how many times I laughed out loud -- but it was easily north of 25. This man and this film are flat-out hilarious. Perhaps the best thing I can say is this: The film is as good as Traficant's life was unbelievable. Can't recommend this enough! A must watch!

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