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Transpecos 2016 full movie online free

For three US Border Patrol agents, the contents of one car reveal an insidious plot within their own ranks. The next 24 hours may cost them their lives.


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Release: Mar 13, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Transpecos full movie review - Too many WTF moments

Good acting and beautiful scenery get overwhelmed by unbelievable story ...

To list a few things that 'spoiled' this for me:

1) If you have a 3 man border crossing, and bribe/blackmail only one guard, make sure it is the one who can override the other 2. Otherwise, your odds of getting things through are less than 1/3. Especially, when you choose the most junior guy.

2) I thought of the adage, 'I could beat you up with one arm tied behind my back'. A man with a freshly broken arm, can not balance his weight while choking someone. Roll him off of you!

3) If you know Drug Lords kill Border Guards (with pipe wrenches and pushing off cliffs). Why does the hero want to go to a drop-off? To arrest them? (better off with backup) Kill them? (better off with backup) Reason with them? (seems unlikely; more likely you will be killed and they will take the drugs)

4) How do you expect to have a successful drop-off driving a Border Patrol truck while still in uniform? Why not drive the mules car?

5) Once the hero knocks out the guy, why does he not call it in? His lack of radioing for help, leads to the death of his fellow officer. After not calling it in, how is the hero not, at least, kicked off the force?

6) When the pick up guy tells you to head down a road, and a boy appears in the middle of that road, how do you not think it is a trap?

7) Why throw the drugs out of the truck? You need the drugs for any hope of a resolution with Drug Lord. Why not go back and pick them up?

8) If you believe the premise, that they drop the drugs off and everything will be OK. Once you get to the drop-off, and you are spotted, why continue? The pick up guy is going to phone in that 2 Border Patrol were at the drop-off. The charade is over. Tio is immediately going to order your family killed. He is not going to wait until they get in protective custody.

9) Why not leave the drugs with the pick up guy?

10) When you open fire with an automatic weapon on 3 guys ... the only one to die is the one with the bulletproof vest?

11) That Border Patrol truck has GPS ... track it

12) Who would want to be partners with the hero after this? You know he let his last partner bleed to death to 'maybe' (threats are not always carried out) protect someone else's family, and Tio is clearly going to want revenge for losing half is drugs.

13) Throw the drugs in the river and a ferry will pick them up?!?! Maybe if they were bright orange ... but to cover an entire river would require a lot of boats and men walking on shore.

Finally, if I am ever shot, I hope the people with me, continuously apply pressure to the wound (which I never saw them do; a tourniquet to the waist is a waist), and if I say, 'just let me die' ... they say, 'You will be OK' and call for help. Do not let the person with lack of oxygen to the brain, make the decisions.

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