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Trolls 2016 full movie online free

Lovable and friendly, the trolls love to play around. But one day, a mysterious giant shows up to end the party. Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch, must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they’ve ever known.


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Release: Oct 13, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Trolls full movie review - Not Too Special, But Not a Bad Colorful Film for the Family

This review might contain some spoilers.

Today, having seen the ad, and Twitter videos, I was admittedly more than excited that the 1980's Trolls not only returned, but were given modern looks. I also liked how the main characters, Poppy and Branch, were the polar opposites to each other.

But, understandably, I didn't get too much hints as to what the story of the movie, TROLLS, would actually be about, so I had to watch it once I had the chance.

Overall, the plot revolves around a concept of predator and prey, some of the preys going on a rescue mission, two unlikely couples, and remastered musical classics, and some original ones.

The Trolls are a reluctant food that can make the otherwise depressed ogre-like creatures, the "Bergens", mysteriously happy, thus are the main course of the annual festival. Understandably, one day, Poppy's much younger father, and king, plots a grand escape with his subjects, with the "no one gets left behind" motto in mind, causing the Bergen chef to get banished by her king.

That was 20 years from the main setting, when the Trolls, much to the warning and scolding of the pessimistic Troll, Branch, decide to party out loud, marking their escape's 20th anniversary... only for some to be caught by the chef shortly after. While trying to hide underground for 10 years with the "I knew it!" mentality, and refusing to help Poppy, Poppy in return gets the rest of the Trolls who didn't get captured to deplete Branch's supplies, probably to force him to help her on her rescue mission in due time.

From there, things get interesting and colorful, with some interesting creatures and stuff along the way, as the rather determined Poppy, much to her dad's blessing, goes on the rescue mission by herself... and gets clobbered by the elements. Branch eventually shows up to rescue her from some spiders and, from there, we get to see the clash between optimism and pessimism from the two, en route to the Bergens' kingdom.

From there, you'll notice unexpected additions and twists to the plots. If you've been noticing from the beginning, King Gristle Jr. had been a crush to a Bergen maid of similar age, Bridget, who has actually been feeling dispirited that King Gristle won't notice her at all. That's where the captured Trolls, with help from Poppy and Branch, come in. Despite the Trolls using their flexible hairs as a wig collectively, although cool, what we notice is, in return of finding a Troll who got eaten, but somehow saved himself, we have the movie's take on Cinderella. Instead of a glass slipper, Bridget leaves behind her skate. And, yes, the chef, who earned her return to the kingdom with the kidnapped Trolls, is supposed to be the movie's take on the evil stepmother... and the kingdom's dictator in the making. Not too original, but I appreciate the movie's take on certain plots and ideas from other stories.

I did mention that there was a twist. The missing Troll sells the others out to save his own hide, and even the rest of the Troll kingdom as well! Thus, the chef is more than confident that she now has enough to resume the discontinued festival. At this point, after revealing to everyone that his singing, as a child, costed him his grandmother, thus transforming him into a pessimist, by the time Branch started to loosen up, the dispirited Poppy herself, and the others, lost their colors and became pessimistic as well, forcing Branch to sing, in attempt to keep everyone's chin, especially Poppy's, up. All the Trolls, even Branch, get their colors back. Somewhat predictable, and Bridget purposely freeing them, but they are cool overall, and how the Trolls returned to bail Bridget from the inevitable retribution.

As you might realize since the movie's take on Cinderella, it also prepares the idea to fellow Bergens that they can actually be happy by other means, thus befriending the Trolls, much to the chef's displeasure, who, along with the Troll traitor, gets kicked out of the kingdom, and eaten by a random creature in the wild.

So, yes. There are some predictable plots here and there, but you ought to appreciate the movie's Troll take on these.

Still on the plot, apart from the predictability, I do have some minor complaints. I wondered why the Troll king, who didn't look too old, thought that he wasn't the king that he used to be to help Poppy on her mission. And, maybe instead of being a douche, the backstabbing Troll was actually trying to buy time to rescue everyone... although not necessarily successfully. And, maybe, the ending could have been a bit longer, and I wish I could have heard a lot more of Gwen Stefani as DJ Suki. Regardless, they didn't ruin the movie a bit.

The sound effects and soundtracks were pretty cool, especially the movie's original soundtrack, and its take on classics. For example, when Poppy and Branch arrived at the Bergen kingdom, I was surprised to hear the movie's take on "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz, and what seemed to be a mass mocking of the band's main singer, 2D.

Overall, it's not too original (I mean, they feature the same Troll toys of the 1980's, but now redesigned), also considering from plot ideas, but, as a family film, it's quite good. There were some pretty good writings, and funny moments we laughed, and giggled, at, and it's occasionally musical, if not colorful. It was an animated movie I was glad to watch after an average one like "Storks", and I actually recommend it.

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